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Giving the blahs the smackdown!

Or trying, anyway.

When we're feeling more angsty than usual, we'll sometimes wonder if we're cursed into isolation, since being in the library during the second hour of church tends to prevent socialization, and lately Mom seems to get sick at times when we have plans. We were going to watch Sleeping Beauty this weekend. But it's definitely much better for her to get rest and recover, so we'll be content to entertain ourselves with Neo Angelique and maybe some manga (we have a copy of Aa, Itoshi no Banchou-sama! volume four just waiting to be read!).

I don't know if there's a particular reason for it, but we have been feeling a little extra angsty these last few days. I think it's just a direct result of dwelling too much on things that make us angry, so this morning I was determined to make an effort to think of the positive things! And I think it helps when I don't let my guard down. Unfortunately, I let my guard down, but I'm getting it back up. Maybe it's time to listen to Shining Tears.

Another thing we've been trying to think of is what we want to do with ourselves. We like our job and everything, but we figure things can always get better. But only if we make an active effort to improve them. The only problem is when we sit down and try to set out some goals for ourselves, it's always like, "So, uh, what do we want to do with our lives?" "Uh... I don't know..." So we'll think about it for a few minutes and our minds will inevitably wander off to something else. We do have dreams, but they're like super intimidating, and thus seem to have some kind of mental block.

But we did manage to come up with two things that could help us at least keep from backsliding. First, we think we ought to get a website up for Futago Translations. And that's where all our lovely LJ friends come in! Because we have no sense of web design. So is there anyone out there who would be willing to help us design a website, and maybe do all the code for it? We do of course realize there would have to be some compensation involved, and we're open to negotiation!

Our second idea is a small step on the way to getting closer to our shiny dreams of Japan. We're still pretty terrified of the country itself and interacting with the people (even though almost all the people we've interacted with have all been very very nice), so even though we think it would be super awesome to like, be an interpreter at Anime Expo, and we think we could probably do it, especially if we were armed with denki jitens, we're still too scared to apply to do it without lots and lots of practice. But we're such slackers we can't even practice with each other (English is just so much easier!), and so! we have come up with the brilliant! idea of forcing ourselves to write short essays every [set period of time] (I'm thinking once a week or so?) in the form of blog entries.

And thus we come to our next question, because we can't just let it be that simple. We were wondering if we should get an account for each of us (that's right--the added bonus for anyone who can read in Japanese is that they would get direct entries from Athena! (she's like a secret unlockable character from a fighting game!)), or if we should just share one again (but take turns writing entries), because logging in and out would be a pain in the neck. Athena suggested that if we use Live Journal, we can have different icons to indicate who's writing the entry, which would be super neat (how do you like my outdated lingo? (Athena: It's rad!)). And that reminds us that in Japan, it's not so cool to just steal screen captures from anime and use them for your icons, which leaves us with the dilemma of what to do for icons? Ohhhhh nooooooo!

Athena reminds me that the Hetalia website has icons free for use. That reminds us that while we were at Anime Detour, we saw someone wandering around as America, so I started shouting, "U-S-A! U-S-A!" and they completely didn't even turn around, and I was so disappointed. That's when I decided I needed to cosplay America myself, and Athena could be England, and I'd go around shouting, "U-S-A! U-S-A!" and it would be awesome. Though thinking about it now, I'm not entirely sure that actually fits into the character's personality, but I'm also not entirely convinced that it doesn't. We'll just have to actually remember to go read more of the series.

Incidentally, now Athena has opened the window, because the thought of cosplaying Hetalia and wearing leather jackets in July... Also, it's eighty degrees in here.

Today I'm thankful for outdated slang, plans to move forward, remembering that the Shining Tears CD was in our travel CD wallet, being able to fix the horrible mistake that almost made it so we couldn't actually get Nyx's ending, and free icons (it would be super funny if I went and got one right now, but I really am that lazy).
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