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I've actually kind of been dreading updating LJ all day, because nothing has been happening, and thus I have no clue what to update about. But it's actually not entirely true that nothing has been happening. For example, the other day, we kept hearing strange noises that had us wondering what the cats were up to. We got up to check on them, but Mimsy was sitting on the couch basically doing nothing, and Oreo... hey, where is Oreo, anyway? We checked all the normal places, and he was nowhere to be found until Athena happened to glance in the bathroom, where Oreo was in the tub. It was one of the most adorablest things ever. He stayed there for a while until we heard more strange noises, then Mimsy dashed out of the bathroom, and Oreo was still in the tub, only now lying down in the position he usually takes when Mimsy starts attacking him. We hung around for a bit to admire the cuteness, and because we weren't entirely sure he wasn't stuck, but then he jumped out and the cuteness was over.

We still occasionally hear noises that sound like a cat jumping into the bathtub, but every time Oreo will walk into the room soon afterward. I'm hoping it's just because the bathtub isn't as awesome a fort when it's so cold, because then maybe he'll go back when the weather warms up again.

Today we remembered that we skipped General Conference to go to Anime Detour. We were fully intending on going online or reading the talks when they were published in the Ensign, but with all this free time, we remembered that we had been lax in that particular responsibility. So today we made sure to go read all the talks from the first session, and they were Awesome, as usual. Here's a link! I would point out my favorite one, but it's really hard to choose. The first session seemed to have a lot on getting through hard times, which makes sense based on all the stuff that's going on these days. We decided to read a session a day, instead of reading them all at once, because I think I need time to think about all of it, instead of just cramming it all into one jumbled blur.

And so when we finished the first session, we got back to our pretend job, and translated some more stories about little Rei Akiyoshi. We're kind of sad not to see any of his middle school friends in VB Rose. I wonder if there's a reference to them somewhere that we missed because we read it before reading the Akiyoshi family special thingies. But it's fun to see Hidaka-sensei's love of twins extending so far back. It's interesting, because we've never seen any manga with fraternal twins that aren't a boy and a girl before Hidaka-sensei, and she's got two sets. So now we're trying to remember if she does have a guy/girl set somewhere, and we can't think of... wait, there is one. Right. So she's had every kind! Wao!

Today I'm thankful for conference talks online, kitties in the bathtub, creative ideas for forts, manga about people with siblings, and randomly bursting into harmonic song.
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