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I have a Mimsy on my lap! Yay!

We still haven't technically gotten the paperwork we need for our next assignment, and it's kind of wreaked havoc on our schedule, only not really to the extent that I'd call it havoc. There's always the option of working on it anyway, but for some reason we just don't want to do that. So yesterday, we decided to make it a Kieli day, which was kind of nice, getting a head start on the next book and learning a little bit about what a certain stupid character is doing, but we are going through a "No prose, please," phase, so one day was just about enough of that. We worked on it again for a little over an hour while we waited for the necessary e-mails, but an hour was about all we wanted to do, and we're still waiting. So instead I'm updating Live Journal. We're seriously thinking about taking the rest of the day off and playing video games, now that our PS3 is working again.

Unfortunately, I forgot what I wanted to talk about. Right. Sheep. I was distracted yesterday by the counting and forgot to mention things like how the booklet that came with it has a little Q&A with Sheep-kun (who doesn't have a real name (that was one of the questions)), warning you not to listen to it while driving or on the train (you might miss your stop), but also adding that there's no guarantee the CD will actually put you to sleep. It's all common sense stuff, but it was still cute.

And that all reminded me of the dangerous e-mail we got from Amazon Japan last night. Now that we've ordered enough things for them to know we're Akira Ishida fans, we can see potential problems in our future. It's a good thing we're pretty good with the will power. But anyway, this particular e-mail was advertising a CD called "Danna Catalogue (Husband Catalogue)" with, of course, Akira Ishida in it, so we went and read the description. Apparently they take two different types of husbands (this particular one was the "gouin (forceful)" and "yasashii (kind)" husband), and I guess they have their CD drama thing and you can decide which kind of husband you like best. We also read the first review of it, and the reviewer (also an Akira Ishida fan) called it kiken (dangerous) and osorubeshi (to be feared). Apparently it's so much like living your dream that it might change your outlook on life. And it's created by the same people as the sheep counting CDs. Seriously, these people are evil geniuses.

And we just spent time at their website and now we need to stop.

It's windy today. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play with our PS3 yesterday, having Drumsticks, getting our shiny manga from Kinokuniya, our super fancy dental floss with fluoride, and being inside and out of the wind.
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