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One sheep... two sheep...

This morning, I was awakened by a knock at the door. Okay, so I was actually awakened by the alarm clock that had gone off for the first time about twenty-two minutes ago, and I was awake enough to function by the third time it went off, but we had decided to stay in bed until the next time it went off anyway. But before it did, there was a knock at the door. I thought it was probably the Jehovah's Witnesses, since they haven't been by in a while, and I didn't want to deal with them right out of bed, so I very slowly went to see if it really was them, planning to quietly check through the peephole and then decide what to do after that. But before I got to the door, there was another knock, and the Jehovah's Witnesses aren't that persistent, so I realized it was probably someone delivering a package, and lo and behold, it was! And it was from Amazon Japan. And that means that it was counting sheep that got me out of bed this morning, a fact I find to be delightfully ironic.

We decided to listen to it after work, since counting sheep probably isn't very conducive to translating, and now we're at sheep number 189. But before the voice actors start counting the sheep, they say hello and talk very kindly about how they're going to help us fall asleep, and don't be afraid because they'll be there the whole time or something, and we couldn't help laughing. There was also something that seemed very off about it, and then I realized that Akira Ishida rarely sounds that friendly and helpful unless there's something behind it. Or his characters don't anyway... and come to think of it, when we see him live, he doesn't seem to, either. And we just got to 200, and he said it's okay, we don't have to work so hard to pretend to be asleep, and now he's passed the counting off to Soichiro Hoshi, who is using his Daisuke Niwa voice (or something very close to it) and it's very very cute♥

Oh my gosh, it's so adorable. I just want to hug him and say, "Thanks for counting sheep! Gambatta ne!" Whereas with Akira Ishida, Athena points out, you want to back away and say, "Usankusai wa nee... (Something's fishy here...)" (Come to think of it, it doesn't help that LJ seemed to suddenly get very slow while we were listening to him count...) It all feels very shoujo manga♥

Speaking of getting things in the mail, I keep forgetting to mention what we got on Friday! We got a package from our boss at Yen Press, with the next volume of Nabari no Ou, a copy of Yen Plus, and the first five volumes of Spiral: Something something whatever the subtitle of Spiral is (<--too lazy to look it up). We specifically asked for the volume of Yen Plus with the Higurashi creator interview, because now it gives us a chance to talk about it here! Yay!

The interview was something we translated, and it was a very new and exciting experience. And by exciting, I mean it in the sense that we were afraid for our lives. Okay, so it wasn't quite that bad, but it sounds so exciting that way! We were really worried, though, because we were told to be as polite as possible, and when most of your experience with Japanese comes from manga, you tend to forget honorifics. We remembered them well enough, I think, and we actually have a bunch of fanbooks with manga artist interviews that we turned to for reference, but since we're not native speakers, we were still a little worried that we might inadvertently offend somebody. Fortunately, we didn't hear anything about that, so we assume that it was all okay.

On the other hand, we did occasionally have imaginary Words with the interviewer. Like, "Mr. Interviewer, there are much simpler ways to ask this question, you know!" And "I know you're trying to flatter Suzuragi-sensei by asking 'how young were you' instead of 'how old were you,' but it doesn't work that way in Japanese!" Fortunately, that was a long time ago, and we're over it now.

When the answers came, it was a whole other kind of exciting. Somehow it felt like the interviewees were talking to us! And it was all warm-fuzzy. And like, "Yay, you're my best friend!" We tend to get that way a lot when translating, but since this time it was real people (instead of characters) answering questions that we had asked (or translated, eheh), it felt more realistic. It was really neat. And it's a good interview, so if you ever come across last year's December issue of Yen Plus, check it out! (Especially if you like Higurashi.) Also, from the brief once over we've done of the rest of the issue, it looks like Yen Plus is a pretty awesome magazine. Like it's the staff of Yen Press having fun and asking everybody to join them, as opposed to the attitude we tend to (unfairly) assume other manga magazines have of, "Behold our great awesomeness and worship us!"

And Hoshi-san just said very adorably, "We're buried in sheep!" We think his cuteness level has gone up throughout the counting process. Like he still doesn't like being cute, but since they told him to do it anyway, he started off being cute, and then got more and more into character to the point of almost explosive cuteness. Except that now he sounds a little tired, which is a whole other kind of adorable.

Today I'm thankful for getting our sheep counting CD, Yen Plus magazine, having English copies of Spiral to share, the adorableness of Hoshi-san counting sheep, and the suspiciousness of Akira Ishida counting sheep♥
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