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Happy Easter!!!!

Someone in church commented today about how it's such a happy day for Christians, and I was like, "But if you believe it's true (which of course we do), it's happy for everybody!" Anyway, even if you don't believe it's true, happy April 12th!

Unfortunately, the church library seems to delight in finding new ways to aggravate us immensely, and thus we were perhaps not as joyful today as we ought to have been. The shiny new copy machine that we got maybe a year ago has been replaced by the shiny old copy machine from the stake presidency office. I think this comes from all the people who couldn't understand the shiny new copy machine being like, "Oh, if only we could have a copy machine like the stake's!" It makes me sad, because I liked the shiny new copy machine, and I actually knew how it worked. This is very important when you're in charge of making copies. But now that the stake presidency's office has a super shiny, super new copy machine, our shiny new copy machine is nowhere to be found, as we have inherited the shiny old one. This wouldn't be quite so much of an issue if the shiny old machine didn't require a code in order to use it, because guess who were never informed about the code?

But fortunately, once again our Relief Society president was in the library using the paper cutter, so we were able to let off some steam. I'm sure this is more than just good timing.

After church, we went to Mom's house for dinner. It was a little unusual this time, because our sisters were spending Easter with their in-laws (or so we assume, because they weren't there), and Steve's kids were with their mom, so it was just us and Mom and Steve. But everything went pretty well, and eventually there were Ghirardelli brownies. We also watched Steve's favorite movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and learned for ourselves that we're not Clint Eastwood fans. Not that it was a bad movie. Just that we don't have the right attention spans for it. Like Lord of the Rings.

And now we are home, and we have messed with our PS3 so we think it'll work on our old-fashioned TV again, so life is good. Today I'm thankful for Ghirardelli brownies, having our taxes done, Mom taking us to her house so we could fix our PS3 yesterday, movies with lots of dialogue, and our taxes not draining our bank account completely.
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