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So various random thought processes led me to think about the chapter titles in Ai Yori Aoshi. Most of them are only one compound word (there are a few of those four-kanji things thrown in), so when you across a chapter title that translates to "love" (especially in a series like Ai Yori Aoshi), you start to wonder if we hadn't already translated a chapter title to that. I mean, there are probably about ten times as many words for "love" in Japanese as there are in English. Maybe.

This was a problem that pestered us in many an AYA translation, until today when, after translating thirteen whole volumes, we finally hit upon the idea of making a chapter list to refer to, so we don't accidentally repeat a title in the future.

So, after going through and listing one-hundred and eleven chapter titles (plus a few special chapter titles, counted separately), we found out that Kou Fumizuki has yet to repeat a single title, even when he has two different chapters whose titles could be translated to, for example, "friends." Eheh. We on the other hand, have two chapters entitled "Friends," (at least we can say that one is "Houyuu--Friends," and the other is "Tomogaki--Friends"). But aside from that, we actually managed to follow Fumizuki-sensei's lead and not repeat anything. Yay!
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