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One thing I realized last weekend was that anime conventions are places where you learn lots of random things you didn't know before. Like about the sheep counting CDs. Another random thing we learned is that there are *gaspies!* videos of us on YouTube!

See, once upon a time, we thought it would be super awesome to get all our AX friends together (since we had just the right number) and cosplay all the guardians in Angelique. And then! we went really crazy and thought, "Hey! Why not try entering the Masquerade?" So, even though all the people involved were spread across the country, except for baranoneko and setra who were actually in Japan at the time, we decided to make it happen. As part of the creative process, we all got together on AIM and brainstormed ideas for a skit. We think maybe someone still has that conversation still saved somewhere, but in the course of our multiple hard drive reformattings, we don't have it ourselves. Anyway, ultimately, the best idea was supplied by chibidrunksanzo, and Kat, Athena, and I took it upon ourselves to build that idea into what turned out to be quite a brilliant skit (if we do say so ourselves). (Though sadly, one of our members had to be left out, because we weren't smart enough to include her as a stage ninja.)

Of course, when you're in a convention costume contest, your skit gets put up on YouTube (we didn't realize this was an "of course" until last weekend, because YouTube wasn't as big back then). And our skit turned out to be no exception. In fact, it's been posted more than once! Here's the first one we found (with a four and a half star rating! whee!), and here's the second (I'm not embedding them here for a couple of reasons. first, we don't like what it does to our LJ format, and second, we're still uncomfortable watching videos of ourselves). The second video is generally better quality, but the first one, being filmed from a different angle and with different close-ups, reveals a few details that might be missed in the second.

Actually, we had never really seen the skit before (despite being in it), and it was pretty cool to see how well all the main characters did. Right, casting. I'm not sure if it's clear enough which character is which in the video, but chibidrunksanzo is Luva (the one with his own subtitles), kogarashi is Zephel (the one holding the subtitles), baranoneko is Marcel (the one who doesn't want to wear a dress), setra is Olivie (the one in the dress), pixiepilot is Oscar (the one in the fancy armor), shadrach_anki is Lumiale (the one in the light blue), I'm Clavis (in the black) and Athena is Julious (the one in the robe). Kat and Maya got a bunch of their guy friends in Colorado to do most of the voices, but Kat played her own character (Marcel), and Maya played... Lumiale, we think she said? He says, "Clavis-sama!" as I walk off stage. And Kat mixed all the sound (right?). (PS: If you'd rather not be associated with this skit (despite its awesomeness) let us know and we'll take your name off the list.)

We practiced the blocking for... um... not very long, but it looks like the main characters did really well regardless.

So anyway, you can watch it. It's fun. (Four and a half stars of fun!)

In other news, we watched the new FullMetal Alchemist today. Everyone's voices sound too high except for the people who weren't recast. And FUNimation's video loaded soooooooooo sloooooooowly. We're still as subtitle snobbish as ever, but in the middle of it I realized that the switch from casual to melodramatic speech probably fits the whole FMA thing, since it's kind of Hiromu Arakawa's tribute to B movies. It's hard to say if the new one will be as good as the original at this point.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see our skit on YouTube (we discussed giving it Japanese subtitles to see if the Japanese fans would like it as much as we do), volume three of "with!!" being out (we ordered it after finishing work early today!), random gummi bears, getting to see the new FMA, and having a Mimsy on my lap.
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