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Cue the fangirling!

We had an interesting little adventure last night, but it kind of ties into all the fangirling that went on on Sunday, so let me tell you about that first.

Our original plan for Sunday was to dress as Risa and Riku from DN Angel, thus getting in our quota of cute girl cosplay for the convention. But we knew that we would be spending time outside, and it had snowed the night before, so we decided against hira-hira skirts and chose to wear jeans and our Gurren Lagann t-shirts instead, carrying our multiple layers of jackets/sweatshirts with us for the eventual encounter with the cold outdoors. Kat and Maya dressed as Hinoe and Benkei, respectively, from Haruka 3, and we packed up our bags and went to check out of the hotel. There was a kind of long process involving getting all our stuff into Kat's car for the ride home that would be later, but it ended with Kat and Maya taking the car back to the remote regions of staff parking, telling us to enjoy the convention instead of waiting around doing nothing.

We mostly just went to Con Suite to pick up some bagels for breakfast, and maybe wandered around looking at cosplayers or something, until eventually we saw Maya walk into the novice cosplay panel, at which point we decided to follow her. And come to think of it, I hardly remember any of what they talked about. Right! Miter corners, which are what you're supposed to use when sewing bias tape along a corner. Maya was called up to demonstrate with her Benkei cloak. And they also talked about how sergers are basically useless. And lining. And stuff. And then Maya stuck around to talk to one of the panelists, who also works at Jo-Ann's, and at one point Amethyst Angel walked in, so now we know what the person who's famous in fandom for foam armor tutorials looks like. Apparently she had been in the Trinity Blood group that won Best of Show the night before.

There was some more wandering, and discussion of La Corda d'Oro cosplay, with all the casting done based on who we know that plays the right instrument. Athena is determined to learn the cello, so she'll be Shimizu, and I can kind of play the violin but not really, so I think Kahoko would be a good fit. Kat plays the clarinet, so she would be Fuyuumi, and Maya would be Yunoki with her flute. And they know someone who plays the trumpet, and someone who actually plays the violin, so that covers Hihara and Tsukimori, but then there was discussion of me being Tsuchiura instead, since I play the piano, and we got off topic first because Shimizu and Tsuchiura look nothing alike and are certainly not the same height, and second because of the ridiculousness of Tsuchiura carrying a baby grand piano around with him (which he actually does in the game (though when he's carrying it, it's an upright piano)).

Then we decided there wasn't anything else we wanted to do at the convention, so we bid it farewell and drove back to Kat's apartment. Kat and Maya wanted to hit the local karaoke joint, and we had been invited to go along, but it was Sunday, so we opted to stay home and catch up on LiveJournal instead. But the place hadn't opened yet, so until it did, we decided to watch Maihitoyo Stage. I think that (and watching various other things together later) was the highlight of the weekend, for us, anyway. We just love to watch things we really like with other people who really like them, and talk and laugh during the whole thing. And do things like make fun of Tenma, and put words in his mouth about going off to punch Suefumi. And squee every time we noticed Shimon holding his sleeves. (Heian Japanese clothing has gigantic sleeves, and the kid who played Shimon constantly had his fingers around the edges of his. Of course, Shimon gets away with it, because he's adorable♥)

While Kat and Maya were at karaoke, we ate all of the Bagel Bites that Kat had purchased (she asked us to!), and, like I said, caught up on Live Journal. Then they got home, and we watched Maihitoyo extras. Tomomasa playing Shimon is still one of my favorite things ever (though thinking about it, the "ever" implies that it always will be). All those extras reminded Kat and Maya of certain Haruka Matsuri happenings, and so we got to watch some of those, too! And we talked about how none of us knows why Akira Ishida seems to make it a point to let Soichiro Hoshi know that he hates him every time he gets a chance. We saw Ikue Otani live for the first time, and she kind of reminds me of a Banri Hidaka character. Not any character in particular, though.

After that, we were going to watch an episode of Ghost Hunt and then maybe go to sleep because we had to wake up so early, but the three of us who hadn't seen it (Maya and us) all got hooked, so we ended up watching all the way through the first case. It's probably good that it was only three episodes. Of course now we have to watch the rest of it.

And that was shorter than the rest of the report, but... Anyway. As part of our fangirling over voice actors, Maya revealed to us the existence of the most ridiculous series of CDs we had ever heard of. Basically, they got a bunch of famous voice actors and recorded them counting sheep. The idea is so ridiculous... and yet, we need them. Especially because whenever we hear about something like that, our first question is, "Is Akira Ishida on any of them?" And of course he is. And Maya informed us that every hundred sheep or so, they'll make comments like, "You're not asleep yet?"

So yesterday, when we didn't have enough time for another episode of Skip Beat! before Jeopardy! (apparently most of our favorite shows have exclamation points in them; Fantasmic!, too. Just goes to show we like shows with a lot of energy), I decided it was time to look up the series at CD Japan so we'd know what to look for when we made a CD Japan order in the unspecified future. But CD Japan only had volumes 4, 18, 19, and 22, and none of those had Akira Ishida on them. Plus it was a really random selection. So, in an effort to get more information, we headed over to Yes Asia, who only had 18 and 19. This was making no sense, and we were sure the rest of the CDs must still be in print--they're too recent. So off we went to Amazon Japan.

Amazon Japan was much more helpful, and we discovered that Akira Ishida is on the CD that doesn't have a number, which means it was probably the first one. And he did the recording with none other than Soichiro Hoshi, and we were like "!!!!" Our favorite seiyuu duo, counting sheep! This is the perfect CD for us to go to sleep to!! It also reminded us of a certain Gundam Seed commentary with the two of them, where Akira Ishida apologized at the end because he didn't think they talked about anything interesting, and Hoshi-san said, "That's okay, they're just tuning in to hear your voice." And it made us wonder if that conversation led into something like, "So they'll buy anything if it's just me talking?" "Yeah!" "Anything?" "Yup!" "How about counting sheep?" and a producer somewhere went, "Done and done."

So anyway, instead of just looking up the rest of the series (to see who else is in it (they have Miyano-kun!)) the normal way, we just kept scrolling through the related items thing at the bottom of the page, and we came across a CD single that claimed to be Akira Ishida. But Ishida-san doesn't sing, so we were mystified. The only other artists credited were musicians, including Toshihiko Sahashi, who wrote the very awesome score for Gundam Seed. So I clicked to get more information, and you know how they say, "Buy it with this and get a discount!"? This time, "this" was the Hitsuji de Oyasumi--the sheep counting CD! So we were like, "Well, let's just see how much the shipping would cost." And of course they don't tell you how much the shipping is until the last step before confirming your order. I was already stunned to remember our password, and we remembered that the reason we had the account to begin with was to by Hitsuji no Namida, and the whole sheep connection was just astounding! So we went ahead and ordered it.

And all this happened within the nine minutes before Jeopardy! last night. Incidentally, shipping cost almost as much as the two CDs combined (which actually weren't that much themselves). If we were smart, which we clearly weren't, we would have found the Ryotaro Okiayu one, so Maya could have it without paying the insane Amazon Japan shipping costs (as thanks for informing us of the madness that is Hitsuji de Oyasumi), but we were apparently suffering from a fit of insanity, and alas, it didn't occur to us until much later. But that's okay; I'm sure there will be something we need from Amazon Japan in the future.

And that's why today I'm especially happy that our bank's account fraud people called today to make sure that I actually did make those pay phone purchases with our card while we were traveling, because while we were talking, I was able to let them know that yes, I did make that Amazon Japan order, and I don't have to worry about the payment not getting through.

Today I'm thankful for (small) group fangirling, crazy Amazon Japan quests, that phone call from our bank, brilliantly insane ideas to sell CDs of seiyuu counting sheep, and it being time to watch more Skip Beat!.

EDIT: PS: We looked up KY at this Japanese slang dictionary, and apparently it stands for Kuuki ga Yomenai, and refers to such a person.
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