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Anime Detour Day One

We were fully intending on getting back to work today. In fact, we were kind of excited about getting to translate manga again. It's been what, a month or so? since we've translated manga, and it's one of our favorite things to do. We even finally got the next books from TokyoPop that we need to do! But we had to let our boss know so she could send us the work orders for them, and while we waited for those, we wrote this week's column, and then we still didn't have work orders, so we e-mailed our friend in Japan, and we printed out postage to send other contracts to other companies, and we updated our resume (apparently we never bothered when we kept making lists of things we've done, even though we always started by copying and pasting it), and now it's kind of late to be starting a new manga.

In the meantime, the cats have been interesting. Mimsy came and sat on the chair designated for cats behind us, and then Oreo came and sat on Athena's lap, but then he decided he didn't like it there so much, but he still wanted to be close or something, so he sat on top of Mimsy in the cat chair, the punk. We got another chair so they could each have one, but Oreo refused to move, and eventually Mimsy, ever the more mature one, got up and took the other chair, where she is to this moment. Oreo has relocated to somewhere. Oh! He's in the closet being adorable. But Mimsy is still the winner.

And now, back to the con report! attention</s> uniqueness, and there was someone who had a more detailed version. Ah well, we need to get over our costume snobbery anyway. Especially because we're not the greatest cosplayers ever (not the worst, I don't think, but certainly not the greatest).

Once we made it to our hotel room with our friends, we all changed into costume. Athena and I were Donald and Goofy, Kat was Nozomi, and Maya was Masaomi, both from Haruka 3. Then we finally got registered and we wandered around the dealers' room. Being a smaller convention, of course the dealers' room was much smaller than at AX, but that certainly had its advantages. It wasn't in an underground dungeon, for one thing. It was in a big fancy room with fancy glass walls that meant there was light! From outside! And a carpet! It was pretty neat, actually. There wasn't a lot of temptation, though, since we feed our addiction mostly through Japanese websites, but there was one booth that had import video games. They were all pretty old school, and somehow at much lower prices than we would expect. They had a copy of the Japanese version of Xenogears for just $25. We saw it and were very very tempted, and the guy running the booth heard "tempted" and said, "Let me tempt you more. It's the first day of the convention, but I'll still give you a $5 discount. You can have it for $20." So we got it. The end.

After that (at least, we think it was after; the chronology is kind of a blur), it was time to get some fresh air. The fresh air happened to be pretty cold, actually, but we were on a mission to find Quizno's. We got confused by the crazy signs and not exactly remembering where we had seen it on the way to the hotel, and ended up walking back and forth a couple of times. But we figured that was only natural, with Nozomi leading the party--she tends to go back and forth looking for onryou to fight. (Sorry Kat; I couldn't resist saying it.) At Quizno's, the guy working there seemed very interested in all the cosplayers showing up, which is always fun. Especially when it's more, "Hey, what's with the cool costumes?" and less, "Hey, what's with all the freaks in costume?" which is what it was.

And we were adventurous and tried a meatball sandwich! And we liked it! Tadah!! But we got a large to share and it was actually a little too big to finish. Why? Because meatball sandwiches are almost impossible to eat. And eating something that's almost impossible to eat means getting tired of it before you're done. Or it does for us, anyway. Also, Athena accidentally got some marinara sauce on the shorts of her Donald costume. The very white shorts. In fact, they were the whitest piece of fabric any of the four of us had on us. And then we noticed that Maya, in her black and red Masaomi costume, had white sauce on her sandwich, and we wondered if we might have the same trouble Sora's party had in Kingdom Hearts II: Goofy was the member with the most sense. (I happened to have a lemonade and yellow pants. Yay me!) Fortunately, the marinara spill (or at least the part that didn't fall on a napkin) was very tiny, and everyone else was more coordinated.

Back at the convention, we went to a "Name That Anime Opening!" panel, which was really fun. We all noticed that, between the four of us, we were getting almost all of the songs, so we decided to try competing! Yay! ...but by the time we got to the front, there was a girl who knew Even More Than We Did, and the computer that randomly pulled up all the songs wasn't liking us as much any more, so the Kingdom Hachiyo (that's our team name!) were defeated. Though if we had managed to beat the girl to grabbing the duct tape (that's how you "ring in") for the theme to Tsubasa and... there was another one, but I don't remember... then we might have beaten her, alas. We'll just feel vindicated that we recognized the theme to xxxHOLiC before she did.

After that... after that... darn it, I really don't remember what order anything happened in, but eventually it was time for karaoke. We had heard rumors, but now we witnessed first hand that Anime Detour's karaoke team was, in fact, approximately the best in the nation. (I only add the approximately because we haven't actually seen any other karaoke teams except for AX's, but AX's seems to have a decent reputation, and Detour's is definitely better than them.) They have it all setup so Maya takes all the signups, then sends them to Kat, who adds them to the playlist while working sound and MCing, and to Team Member 3 (who will remain nameless because I don't have his permission to talk about him, though we suspect he wouldn't mind the attention), who looks up the lyrics on Google and pastes them into a Word file and then a Notepad file (it makes sense when you see it) to display on the screen so the singers can read the lyrics as they go. At AX, they still just print them out and you have to hold them in your hand. And Detour's group seems to have a much larger database of songs.

Unfortunately, there were some issues with the sound system, in the form of a mysterious buzzing that wouldn't go away. Fortunately, while people were waiting for them to figure out what the deal was and get started, someone from the audience came up and said, "You seem to be having sound problems. I'm actually studying to be a sound technician. Can I help?" And thus I have dubbed him Miracle Sound Guy. He stuck around as a volunteer, and came by again the next night, thus earning himself one of the awesome karaoke staff shirts Maya made with her fancy screen printing machine. We each got one, too, but probably didn't do quite as much to earn them.

And thus there was singing late into the night. (Karaoke ran from 10pm to 2am.) And then we all went to bed.

And I'm done typing for now, so again, there will be more later.

Today I'm thankful for awesome karaoke teams, karaoke staff t-shirts, dessert Pocky, low-priced import video games, and new yummy foods.
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