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We're ba-ack! And we're tired, not surprisingly. But I'm pretty sure it's less from the actual traveling (though we have once again decided that we do, in fact, hate traveling), and more from the waking up at unreasonable hours in order to do so. Our flight left at seven and setra's left at six-thirty-ish, so we had to get up at what most people call o'dark thirty. Not only is that a little too mainstream these days (it's even in a commercial now!), but where exactly does that "o" come from? I guess it probably comes from the "o'clock" thing, but it doesn't really fit there. Anyway, I think Maya described it more accurately by calling it "retarded o'clock." And that's when we had to wake up, plus we never eat nearly as much as we should when traveling. We're too busy having fun--no time for food!

So anyway, we're kind of planning on spending the rest of our day watching anime of some sort, but I should probably get started on our travel log. So let's see if momentum takes me through the whole thing.

On Thursday, our flight left at one, so Mom drove us to the airport at eleven. We were a little nervous, because traveling always makes us nervous, but the Fresno airport is really really nice, and there weren't very many people there, so we weren't freaked out about what if we take too long checking in and hold up everyone behind us. It actually doesn't make a whole lot of sense to freak out about that kind of thing, come to think of it, but I do. And there were just enough people there to not be eerily abandoned and ghost-town-ish.

It took just about no time at all to check in and go through security, so we had a lot of time to kill waiting for our flight. And since we were still nervous about traveling long distances, we started discussing what we'd do if we got stranded at any of the airports along the way (I say, as if there were more than two possible places to be stranded). Our layover on the way there was in Salt Lake City, which was perfect because we have a ton of friends and family in Utah, so there were any number of people we could call if something went horribly horribly wrong. And our layover on the way back was in Los Angeles, which is close enough to call someone to pick us up from Fresno. But Fresno is still far enough from LA that we might want to kill some time at Disneyland (which, granted, would make the drive even farther for whoever came to pick us up, but we were thinking the main person we'd call would be one of our Disneyland associates anyway). And then we remembered that Steve would be taking his kids to Disneyland that day.

See, one day, Steve called and asked what we would do if someone invited us to Disneyland but we had to go on a Sunday. We said of course we'd not go because even we know that some things are more important than Disneyland. So later we find out that Steve's sister would be visiting Southern California, and they wanted to go to Disneyland, and that Steve and his kids would be joining them for one day, which would now be Monday instead of Sunday. For some reason we had been under the impression that they had changed the date to Tuesday the 14th, but we later discovered that it was actually Monday the 6th, which meant we wouldn't be able to go because we would be flying back from the frozen north. But then we realized that, what with time zones and stuff, we would be arriving in Los Angeles with plenty of time to take the shuttle to Disneyland and spend the day there, then hitch a ride with Steve and kids and make it home.

So we called Mom to see about making it happen, and there were communications, and we were all set to ask the airline people if we could cancel our reservation for that last leg of the journey, but, as you can see by the fact that I'm updating in the middle of the day that would have us at Disneyland, we ended up not going. Why? It's actually kind of dumb. We got to the airport and lined up to check in, and when we got to the front desk, instead of saying, "What can I do for you?" the person there said, "Here's the self check-in screen; help yourself!" So we went through the self check-in thingie and checked our bag (cosplay means bags that are too big for carry-on) and then the lady with the checked bag stickers said, "One for Fresno?" and I was tired and didn't want to deal with changing it after printing our boarding passes (my plan was to just get to the gate and ask the airline people about changing the flight plans there) so I said, "Yeah." And if our bag was going to Fresno, we figured we should go with it (Mom said we could have gone to get it later, but we have no idea when that later might have been). It was really hard when we were in LA, though. We were so close, and yet... But that's okay because we had an awesome time anyway, and this way we won't miss Castle or the potential delivery of new books to translate. Plus when we checked our e-mail we had some work questions to answer.

Anyway. Now that I've explained what didn't happen, let's get back to what did. We got safely to Salt Lake City, and onto our plane and we were so excited because it wouldn't be long before we got to Minnesota to see baranoneko and setra! And the plane started up and taxied to the runway and was just about to take off!... when a light came on. The pilot decided it would be best not to take off until he figured out what the light was trying to tell him. And what it was trying to tell him was that there was something wrong with the fuel connector thingie or something. At any rate, it was bad. We were very happy that he discovered this before takeoff, because crashing doesn't seem like much fun. They kept us on the plane for a while as they tried to fix it, and then when they realized they couldn't, they had to figure out what to do with us.

As it turned out! they had another plane. So off we went to the gate where that plane was parked. That's where I called Mom and had her e-mail Kat to let her know we would be running late. We waited for a while, and then they herded us off to another gate. We think we heard another passenger saying something about technical difficulties with the second plane. But the third plane worked just fine and we eventually made it to Minnesota... three hours or so after we were planning to.

Kat and Maya picked us up at the airport, and we had a lot of fun talking while we waited for our luggage and drove to Kat's apartment, where we met her cat Nozomi and caught fleeting glimpses of her other cat Ange, who is a lot like Oreo in that when there are scary new people around, she will hide forever. And then we all decided to go to bed, because Kat still had rounds on Friday morning (she's going to be a veterinarian!).

And now I'm tired of typing, so we'll get to the actual convention tomorrow. Why is it that whenever we have a plane adventure, it takes forever for me just to type about the getting there part? Ah well.

Today I'm very thankful for Kat's hospitality, having a great weekend with friends, making it home safely, making it to Minnesota safely, and getting to see Castle tonight.
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