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And we're off!

Mom's going to be leaving her house in about half an hour to come get us and take us to the airport. We're excited to ride in a plane that might actually let us look outside during the trip (on the way to Japan, they made us close the windows because people were sleeping or something), but traveling always makes us nervous. Mom seems almost more excited about this than us. We think she's hoping we'll meet boys and get married or something (a whole other rant); she was practically against our trip to Japan, so it's definitely a switch.

We're actually going to have a layover for about an hour in Salt Lake City, but we didn't say anything about it because we didn't think it would be enough time to really meet up with anybody or do anything. And then we'll be going to the frozen north (anywhere north of here with lows in freezing temperatures = frozen north). We'll be bringing our laptop, so there may or may not be LJ updating during our trip, but we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to drive us to the airport and take care of our kitties, Adventure, being all packed, layers of clothing, and having time for an episode of anime before we go.
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