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Admitting defeat

We decided not to finish the new costumes after all. It was a hard decision, because we'd think about what we had left to do, and be like, "We can do it!" and then we'd think about getting to the fabric store and be like, "Nnnngh..." We were still undecided when we went back to Atsumori's hakama to paint some more designs on them. Oreo had been preventing us from making much progress, but he had finally gotten up and moved, so we took advantage of the opportunity. And despite telling herself there was no reason to rush and to be very very careful, Athena (she did the painting while I held the stencil in place) accidentally made some smudges of green paint that shouldn't have been there.

Fortunately, they were on the back of the hakama, and I don't think they're that big a deal anyway, but we didn't want to risk any more mishaps. We also decided that if that was going to be the case, we especially didn't want to risk taking all day (because there's a strong possibility it would take at least that long) on Lizvan's cape (he's the one on the right), when we needed the presence of mind to tidy up the apartment, do laundry, and pack. Especially because traveling long distances freaks us out enough without having to worry about finishing costumes. But I still feel a little defeated, alas.

Of course it was after we made the decision that our Disneyland associate called and apologized for forgetting us, shaking our resolve by offering to take us to the fabric store right then. He even said to call him if we decided to change our minds and go after all. But instead, we decided to be escapist and call Mom to see if she wanted to help us take advantage of our KFC coupons. She was too busy last night, but tonight she can do it! Yay!

On the bright side of being defeated, with the extra time we got from not working on costumes, we decided to type up a summary of volume three of the new CMX title and turn that in with the summary for the second volume. As it turned out, they were going to need the volume two summary really soon, so it ended up being perfect timing! Yay! This helps me feel better, because even though we already had the volume two summary typed up, if our boss had e-mailed tomorrow or Friday, we wouldn't have been able to access it to send to him.

But now we're still left with figuring out what to pack. Of course we'll bring Eisen and Yasuaki, and, since the costumes seem to be really popular and we like getting attention, we'll bring Donald and Goofy. But the convention is three days long, so we need to choose another set, and that's just hard. We like all our costumes too much.

In the meantime, we've been getting distracted with Crunchyroll. It's nice to have legal access to so much anime, but we've been away from anime for so long that even with Crunchyroll's limited selection, I feel like we're super far behind. And I want to watch it all, but there's never any time! Argh! But anyway, we were watching Skip Beat, and we were all amused because the main girl is played by the voice of Yoko from Gurren Lagann, and she was talking to a guy played by the voice of Kamina, and she said something, and he was like, "Wow, you can read minds," and we were like, "He is Kamina!" But then! then! he said, "Don't think you can get everywhere on guts alone." And we were like, "You're no Kamina!" But I guess you had to be there. Or be us. Or something. Anyway, we were amused.

Today I'm thankful for good summary timing, plans to go to KFC for dinner tonight, Yoko and Kamina together again (sort of), finding our passports (we know we don't need them for domestic travel, but our state IDs are expired, so just in case), and getting to see friends this weekend! Yay!
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