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Cosplay non-progress, part the second

We've had an interesting time working on costumes these last couple of days. After yesterday, we were kind of like, "Blaaaah," and we wanted to stop, mostly because, while we love cosplay and wearing costumes we made ourselves, we tend to dislike the actual process of making them. And more than anything, we're missing important materials to complete the costumes we're working on. We decided to take a gamble. We had to call our sister and ask her, since she lives pretty close to us and isn't busy with tax season like Mom is, if she would take care of the cats for us while we're in Minnesota. While we were at it, we would ask if she could take us to the fabric store, and if she could, great, we can finish the costumes (or come close enough that we can wear them). And if not, well, we tried.

So I called and asked if she could take care of the cats, since that's the most important thing. She said Mom had told her we would call, and she was really sorry, but she only just managed to make it to school on time every morning (meaning she wouldn't have extra time before then to stop by), and in the evenings when she comes home from work, well, it's just not on her way, you know? But Mom had told her that she would be able to take care of the cats, so it was all good. Except for the fact that her reasons for refusing were so stupid (in my opinion; I don't know, I think I expect people to be nicer when it comes to kitties, but at any rate, it's much less out of her way than Mom's) that I didn't even want to bother asking about the fabric store.

I later decided that we shouldn't give up for dumb reasons like that, so I called her back and asked if she could take us to the fabric store. She hated to keep saying no, but she was doing her homework. And thus we did not go to the fabric store last night. But we decided not to give up there. We kept working on what we could work on, and today at lunch, we called our Disneyland associate who had recently told us that if we ever needed anything, to call him, he was serious. So that's what we did! When I asked him if he could drive us to the fabric store, he said sure, he was going to clean up his room, and he should be in town in about an hour; he would call when he was nearby. That was about two and a half hours ago, and we've heard nothing since. I guess I should call him again. It's just so hard to ask people to do stuff for us like this, especially because we have no idea how long it's going to take, and we don't want to put people out for that long.

And whenever it gets to this point, I start to think, "You know, our Eisen and Yasuaki costumes are quite lovely; maybe we don't need to bring a new set." But one of the reasons we're even going to Anime Detour is to have a cosplay group with baranoneko and setra, and the group was supposed to be Haruka3. We did realize, when Kieli suddenly popped up, that not finishing these costumes was a distinct possibility, but we didn't spend as much time on Kieli as we thought we'd have to. So it's hard. I guess if we don't make it to the fabric store, we'll just have to determine to go to another convention with Kat and Maya. That's all there is to it. *nods*

In the meantime, Mimsy was pretty funny this morning. We discovered her in the spare bedroom, sharpening her claws on Atsumori's pants, which we had laid on the floor in order to paint the fancy design on them. They had pins all over them, so scratching them up was not only really bad for the costume, but also potentially bad for Mimsy herself, so Athena took her out of the bedroom and tossed her onto the couch on the living room. But she was determined to use that yellow fabric. So we pulled her off of Atsumori's hakama again put her on top of some of the extra yellow fabric, and closed the door to the spare bedroom. She sat on the fabric, unsure what to do, for a second, and then dashed for the other bedroom! Unfortunately, it was much more hilarious watching it than reading about it.

Today I'm thankful for successfully (almost) completing Lizvan's pants (they still need elastic; I don't care if it's "Heian" Japan), stencils, amusing kitty antics, people who are willing to help (even if they don't remember they agreed to), and people who remember that they agreed to help.
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