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Maybe we need more Disney icons...

Today is a day for long ramblings, I think. It's windy outside, and that tends to make me nervous. I think that's either because of just being afraid of noisy weather in general, having seen Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day one too many times as a child, or growing up in Southern California, where the Santa Ana winds are strong enough to knock trees over.

Anyway, remember that meme with the commenting and the five things association and stuff? We got some things! This time from lyschan


That immediately gets me thinking of that song: California, here I come! Da na na na na-na na! (I don't know the next line. Athena just told me it's "Right back where I started from." She thinks.)

We were actually born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but Dad was an aspiring actor, so we moved to the Hollywood area when we were about three weeks old. We eventually settled in Glendale when we were like three or something, which is where we say we grew up, because we don't remember anything about the places we lived before that. And it was wonderful, because it never got cold enough to snow. Of course we complained about the heat in the summer, but we knew nothing of hot summers. Unfortunately, now we don't have any kind of endurance for cold, but growing up close to Disneyland made it all worth it, I think.

The Babysitters Club was kind of a big thing with all the people we knew growing up, and it was a pretty fun series, but Dawn always confused us. She was the girl who had moved to Connecticut from California, and because she was a California girl, she only ever ate health food. We were like, "Huh? Californians don't eat health food!" Everybody we knew were all junk food junkies. It wasn't until we moved to Fresno that we realized that there are some health food nut types here in California, but Dawn was from the Southern California area (as revealed in the books where they go visit... whichever of her parents still lived in CA), so it really didn't make any sense.

Anyway, we like California a lot, even if it does have weirdo health food fanatics. We prefer the southern area, of course, probably because it's where we grew up, but also because the weather's more reasonable. And more than anything, it's closer to Disneyland. We have been in some earthquakes. We lived through the big Northridge quake of '94 (Celeste slept through it). They're pretty scary, but at least they tend to be short.


Wow, we didn't think we talked about chocolate very much on LJ, but then I realized I probably mention some different form of chocolate in the gratitude journal at least once a week. I was realizing the other day that, for people who claim to have so little interest in food, that sure pops up on the gratitude journal a lot. I had also been thinking of the one time we went to a high school football game in the area because Sarah was in the color guard and would be performing at half time, and after it finally ended, Steve asked us what our favorite part was, and I said the pizza, and he said that was not what he expected to hear. I was like, "What? Did you expect me to say something about the game?" And it took me forever to realize that he probably expected me to say something about Sarah's performance. I want to say that my memory is organized such that it recalls food more easily, especially since that was more of a separate thing from the actual football game, which of course I had no interest in remembering. But since I made that realization, I've wondered if Sarah found out and was very sad that we didn't remember her.

But anyway. Chocolate. We do love chocolate. Our favorite part of any meal is the dessert, but since we're crazy picky and don't like real fruit (unless it's mashed into a liquid), that tends to narrow down the choices a lot, and thus chocolate becomes a staple. I think it's a combination of having a mother who's picky herself (though not at our level of pickiness) and a father who came from a family who was eating ice cream from the day they came home from the hospital. Of course, we also really really liked Kool-aid, but we're so lazy these days and water is such an excellent beverage.

I... actually don't know what my favorite kind of chocolate is. A few years ago, we both would have said dark chocolate, but that's getting to be so mainstream now, or maybe we just got tired of it, because I think now I'd lean towards milk chocolate. White chocolate is right out. We used to think it was so cool when we were little, because it was new and chic, but when we grew up, we realized we just didn't really like it that much. Brown chocolate has more flavor. Hershey Hugs are good, though, and the Triples. Oooh, the Triples. They're like Hershey Kisses, only with milk, dark, and white chocolate all swirled together. And they are so good. So I guess white chocolate is good when mixed with milk and dark chocolate, which I should have known, because Baskin Robbins' world class chocolate ice cream is in fact world class.

Fruits Basket

We have a long and complicated relationship with Fruits Basket. Mostly good; just complicated. We first saw it one day at BYU. We were in the dorms, and, it being a religious school, the girls' dorms and the guys' dorms are separate, and you're only allowed to visit another gender's dorm during the designated visiting hours. One day it was a "girls visit guys" day, and we went to visit the two guy friends we had met in the Cougar Cove (like our dorms' diner/convenience store) one day when we heard one of them speaking Japanese. We went with Angelique (you may remember her), and it was decided that we would watch Fruits Basket. Maybe it was because we were too distracted trying to figure out who all the voice actors were (we think we managed to get the main cast! V!), or maybe it was the hostile vibes coming from the guy friend who, unbeknownst to us, had some unwritten (and unspoken) rule that There Would Be No Talking when watching anime, or maybe it was just that Angelique liked it better, but Angelique liked it better. And since we had DN Angel to be "our series" and she seemed to want to have something to be "her series" (or maybe we imagined it because we're like that ourselves; projecting can be such a dangerous thing), we let her be in charge of it.

And for some reason that ended up with us not seeing a great deal of it until like a year and a half later. We saw more than the first half, but not to the end. It got brought up once, because she wanted to know where we downloaded all our anime so she could download some too, but we had kind of been dictators (benevolent ones we hope, but you can never tell when you're drunk with power) as far as "We will be the ones to show everyone anime" (I'm convinced we had this idea that if we weren't showing people anime, we wouldn't have any friends anymore) and she was like, "Hey, what's up with that?" and we were like, "Well, when you get the anime first, we end up never seeing it," and she was like, "How do you know?" and we were like, "Fruits Basket." Apparently she thought we were mad about it, because we found burned discs of Fruits Basket in front of our bedroom door soon after that. But for some reason that bothered us, and we're very easily distracted, so we only watched a few episode further.

Then we had our TokyoPop internship, and I think I've told the story of how Jake came and said, "How would you like to be the full-on, paid translators for Fruits Basket?" and we were like, "Yeah, that's cool. We'd like that," and then he left and we were like, "Eeeeeeee!" and bouncing off the walls and stuff. We may not have liked Fruits Basket as much as Angelique, but we did like it very much, and we really liked the idea of being the translators of the number one requested manga series. But on the other hand, there was another intern at TokyoPop that summer who was also a ginormous Fruits Basket fan, and she had even translated some of the manga herself, and we were like, "Oh no, maybe she deserves it more," but she said no no no, she trusts us to do a good job with it, and we should keep it.

And thus we were the translators of Fruits Basket for five and a half years. It was crazy, though. There was one point where they were like, "Okay, we actually want to see if we can release this on a monthly schedule!" and we were like, "Bring it on! We can take it!" so that March, we were very busy and had enough money to go to AX that June. But soon after that, they were like, "Um, just kidding. We're going to slow it back down," so we ended up not translating any of the series for over a year. I think it was between volumes 14 and 15.

And then the series ended, and everyone had read the scanslations, and we would be kind of depressed while working on it, because it would be like, "What's the point? Everybody's already read the end, and they're just going to criticize our translations because they're not what the first ones said, and it doesn't matter because they're rewriting it anyway. What's the point of even being a translator?" We didn't really mean that last part; we were never the types to give in to depression too much (laziness, yes; depression, not so much), and we love our job, so we did it anyway. And we love the Fruits Basket characters, so it was always nice to spend time with them.


Mickey!!! I assume you mean Mickey Mouse, as opposed to like, Mickey Rooney or Mickey Mantle or anybody like that. Mickey Mouse is one of my favorite characters of all time, but not necessarily because I find him to be immensely entertaining. Of course, lately, we have seen some more Mickey Mouse cartoons (a lot of them recent) and so I've grown to love him even more. When he shows up in Kingdom Hearts, his role is so small but so important, and one of our friends (more of a Goofy man) was upset. He was like, "Mickey Mouse is not allowed to be that cool!" But we knew all along: Mickey Mouse is Awesome. I think I've talked about this before, but Mickey Mouse was one of "my characters" growing up. I don't know exactly why I attached myself to him, but I think it just goes to show that even as a little kid (or maybe especially because I was a little kid) I knew that Mickey Mouse was somehow very great. And then when we saw Fantasmic! for the first time in a long time (after we saw it the first time, we would skip it because that and the Electrical Parade meant very short lines), and everything was just so... sparkly, I guess covers it, and there was the finale where Mickey was orchestrating all the sparkliness... That's when I really fell in love with him.

More than anything, he's the symbol of Disney, and Disney is like, our dream. We grew up on Disney, and as everyone knows by now, Disneyland is our favorite place, and the more I learn about Walt Disney, the more inspired I get. Of course, this is where it gets kind of hard to put my feelings into words. But one thing we've learned about Walt Disney is that when he decides he wants to do something, he figures out a way to do it, and do it well, without letting anybody say, "But you can't do that." He's a really good example of how nothing is really impossible. He wanted to make a feature length film that was fully animated and he did it, despite everybody telling him it would never work. It was the same with so many things he did, including Disneyland. And everything that Disney is started with Mickey Mouse. One of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney is, "It all started with a mouse," because it's a reminder of how little things can turn into massive empires. You just have to have the imagination and the will power to follow through.


Kitties! It's kind of weird to talk about a love for kitties after talking about love for a mouse. But we do love kitties. We have two of them: Mimsy (short for Mad Madam Mim) and Oreo. We got them a loooong time ago when our friend's cat had kittens. We were living in an apartment whose only "outside" was a balcony overlooking the first floor courtyard, and Dad didn't want to subject animals to confinement in an apartment, plus he remembered how hard it was when our first cat, and then our second cat, died. Before we moved to that one apartment, we had a grey striped cat named Flower, because she clung to Aurora's flower print dress on the day we got her, and a big white and grey cat named Pirate. Before we took him in, he had gotten hit by a car, so he had a broken leg that he wouldn't let anyone touch before it healed all crooked. Anyway, we were all very very sad when they died, and Dad was the one who had to bury them, so he probably had it the worst. We had taken in another stray cat, Dutch (Aurora said he looked like a Dutch bunny), but he was so wild that he wouldn't let anyone touch him, so when we moved, he stayed.

But our friend's cat had kittens, thanks to their across-the-street neighbor's cat, and they had been banished to the outdoors because our friend's mom couldn't litter train them. One day, Mom heard that there were coyotes coming down from the mountains and eating pets. She had always wanted a black cat, and she was determined that her black cat would not be eaten by coyotes, so she put Mimsy in the pocket of her flannel shirt and took her home. blackhope had been living in the same complex as us (or rather, his mom had, and he would stay with her on certain weekends), and he is one of the biggest animal lovers you'll ever meet, so now he wanted a cat, too. So we went to our friend's house and picked up Oreo. But Jon's mom was allergic, and he mostly lived with his dad, so Oreo ended up living with us most of the time, visiting Jon when he was in town, or his mom when she wanted some company. She does a lot of sewing, so that's where Oreo also swallowed some thread he was playing with, that also happened to have a needle attached, thus earning him his first trip to the vet. We got him spayed while he was there. Eventually, Jon's mom moved to Santa Monica and Oreo stayed with us. She later got two more cats, black and black and white, like Oreo and Mimsy, and they were named Luna and Artemis, after the cats in Sailor Moon.

Oreo and Mimsy stayed with our family when we moved away for college, but after we got back, Mom was dating Steve, and Steve isn't such a big animal fan (plus his apartment didn't allow pets), so now they live with us. And they're very cute, and usually very good at comforting us when we're sad. We love them very very much♥

Those all ended up so long that they each got an individual cut. Wow. And we have been at the computer for a very long time now, so now it's time to go off and read manga. Today I'm thankful for lots of things to ramble about, people who let us rant to them, Deluxe Grahams (chocolate sneaks in again (or maybe we did it on purpose this time)), having actually bought enough fabric for Lizvan's cape (I was genuinely worried, but I can't buy six yards of fabric willy-nilly just for peace of mind), and kitty reminiscences (wow, I didn't even mention Jeep! maybe another time).
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