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It's been a long, been a long, been a long, beenalong daaaay♪

Today has been so long already and I have to make sure to make a cape.

It was probably not the best of ideas to leave the alarm off, especially since we had a Relief Society activity at eleven and we had stayed up way past bedtime. We had used some of our spare time to read manga (more of the CMX series for Athena and, since volume five recently came out, Tears of a Lamb for me), and since now we'd both read what the other was reading, that sparked some dialogue. And we have a nasty habit of ranting about things late into the night, so there was that, too. This week has had a lot of minor things resulting in me wanting to punch people (maybe I've just been feeling extra violent, but I like to think it's a side effect of not having a wide variety of future work to think about; not that that's a good thing either, of course), which is why it was so fortunate that the Relief Society activity had a pinata.

The problem with pinatas, though, is that they blindfold you and spin you around, and then they move it up and down so you're less likely to get a direct hit, and indirect hits are nowhere near as satisfying. I got a few good hits anyway, but they were so unexpected I was like, "Wait, let me try that again!" and of course by then it had moved. Athena didn't swing at the pinata, but she was very helpful in directing me to it.

After we got back, we really should have eaten lunch, but instead we called Mom to see if we could maybe go fabric shopping. As it turned out, the answer was yes, but we were still a little concerned about taking a long time, so we tried to hurry. We had a very specific idea of the kind of fabric we wanted for Lizvan's cape, and it was of vital importance that we get it as soon as possible, because it's going to be very time-consuming. So we looked through the entire store and we still weren't sure what to get, if anything, and Mom had already gotten her fabric cut. We checked some possibilities again but nothing seemed to really be what we wanted, so I said a little prayer, and I wandered down a few aisles, and there was some fabric! And we got it and I'm very happy with it. Hopefully it will work with what we want to do with it.

I still wonder about the fabric we end up buying for Atsumori, because it always seems to be me passing by something in an aisle, thinking, "This will probably work really well, and I really like the texture and drape!" and just buying it because nothing stands out, but I never know if it's a good color, and Atsumori wears an ...interesting combination of colors, so I really hope it all works out.

And then we stopped by PetSmart to get some fancy dry cat food, and now here we are and we're tired from not getting enough sleep or something... being out in the heat more than we're used to probably didn't help. But I think I can work up enough energy to get started on that cape.

Today I'm thankful for pinatas, making it to the fabric store, finding really nice fabric, reusable Jo-Ann's bags, and the adorable little leopard plushies in the impulse buy section of Jo-Ann's (er, Athena's reading the tag now; it's actually a cheetah (we can tell the difference in real life, but on tiny plush toys, it gets difficult)).
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