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Ohhhhh noooooooooo!

We just turned in Kieli! Yay! Okay, so we didn't just turn it in. We turned it in and then we had lunch. But still. I'm probably going to say this every time we turn in a book of Kieli, but it's always such a relief but so unbelievable at the same time. Like, "Really? Are you sure? You're not forgetting something are you?" It may be a little more pronounced this time, because we spent the whole week proofreading, which still doesn't quite feel like work, so it's like, "What have we even been doing this week that we're turning something in?" At any rate, we're looking forward to working on future Kieli books at a more leisurely pace. (Athena: Hopefully with manga at the same time. I miss manga.)

And yet we can't use our extra time to play Haruka 4 or Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +. Or any of our Japanese Playstation 2 games. Or PS3 games. We don't have any, but if we did, we wouldn't be able to play them. And thus I have introduced our tale of woe from yesterday.

We had been thinking about breaking out Haruka 4 and getting all the side characters' endings for a while now, but not doing it, because we were still distracted by Dissidia Final Fantasy and maybe something else, but we don't remember (what, you mean like costumes? Nah.). But yesterday we finally decided it was time! Actually, we decided that last Saturday, but our social plans kicked in sooner than expected so we ended up not having time. And then we decided we needed to watch the end of Toward the Terra. But anyway, yesterday we decided (again) that it was time. So we hooked up the PS3 to the TV and turned it on and... nothing. So we unhooked it and hooked it back up and checked all the wires and made sure it was connected and everything and turned it on and... still nothing.

And then we remembered. When we brought the PS3 over to Mom's place for our Disney Night, Scott, having his own PS3, remembered that if you really want the super awesome hi-definition picture, you can't use the regular AV cables--you have to get an HDMI cable. So they retrieved Scott's HDMI cable and thus obtained super awesome hi-definition picture, but there was one thing that had us pause a little at the time we hooked it up (though apparently not enough to remember it). When we hooked up the HDMI cable, it asked us something about the settings; at the time, we couldn't think of why it would be bad to change the settings, especially if we wanted to actually, y'know, use the HDMI cable, so we selected "yes." But now we realize that if the audio/video output is trying to go through the HDMI cable, which hooks up through another outlet and now no longer exists (especially because we don't have an HDTV, and an HDMI cable would not connect to our old-fashioned technology), we won't be able to see whatever is being displayed in order to change the settings back.

That's what we get for having the audacity to get a PS3 without having a fancy hi-def TV, I guess.

Anyway, we called Mom to see if we could get back over there and fix the problem (hopefully we can change the settings back and not have to buy a new TV), but, what with tax season nearing its end, she's very busy and we have to wait for the weekend. Oh hey, that starts today! So it won't be a long wait (we hope), and in the meantime, we have plenty of manga and Dissidia and things to occupy our time. Costumes are only sort of included because we can't make costumes without fabric, and the probability of getting fabric at the same time as fixing the PS3 problem is not low.

But now we have a Crunchyroll account, so maybe we'll distract ourselves with shiny new anime.

Today I'm thankful for finishing another Kieli novel, the enrichment activity tomorrow being within walking distance of our apartment, our old-fashioned TV, Crunchyroll, and having cookie dough to bake later tonight.
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