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Yesterday was kind of a mental blaaaah day, but today is more of a physical blaaaah day. And it certainly doesn't help that our neighbors apparently had Chinese food and the smell is infiltrating our apartment through the air vents. I don't know if it's a cause or an effect of picky eating, but certain types of food make us ill to smell them, and Chinese food falls into that category. Also in that category: Mom's favorite black-eyed peas. And ham. I really couldn't say why for any of them, since it's probably just a matter of taste, but sometimes we wonder how people can eat those things when just the smell of them makes us sick. It's not bad or anything--just a mystery.

Fortunately, despite my being inexplicably sore (I don't think the groceries we carried last night were that heavy, but maybe we're really that out of shape), we managed to more than make up for the lost time from yesterday and get lots of work done on Kieli. Yay!

I'm not entirely sure there's much else of interest to talk about, except for rambling, which, in my opinion, is very interesting. I thought that could lead into a good ramble about rambling, but I think rambling itself might be immune to rambling. Like how in most stories, people who can tell the future can't tell their own future. I guess it would be something like, "Well, I guess it's time to start rambling. Gimme a subject! Rambling? Hmm..." Like when you say, "Time for a meaningful conversation!" "Okay, what do you want to talk about?" "......"

I think rambling about rambling is like that. As you can see, we did manage to get some rambling out there (Athena supplied the clairvoyance idea) but it didn't last long.

Oh right, there's been costume progress. I realized last night that suikans have a lot of edges that need to be hemmed, which wouldn't have been a problem so much except that the fabric I'm working with demands ironing before sewing the hem in place. The process probably took three times as long as it would have if I didn't need to fold and iron everything first. But it's done now, so it's all good, and Lizvan's costume will (hopefully) be more cooperative.

Now our biggest cosplay problem is getting to a fabric store ASAP. We asked Mom if she could take us, but of course she's busy with tax season, and when we mentioned how it takes us forever to pick fabric, estimating two hours, she said she couldn't spare that much time. One of Athena's visiting teachers loooooves going to fabric stores, but she's babysitting until like mid-April, which of course will be too late. Fortunately, the friend who took us before also likes fabric stores, so hopefully she's free on Saturday (I always find myself talking about this before actually, y'know, calling). In the meantime, I'm freaking out. But that's nothing new when it comes to making costumes.

Oh right! (again!) Last night on Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak was having a very difficult time hosting, and Athena, after our crazy day, and lyschan mentioning also feeling blaaah, she was like, "Apparently everyone's having a bad day." (We know Wheel of Fortune is filmed in advance, but that's just how powerful the blaaaah vibe was! Or y'know, it was a coincidence, but a really funny one.) And that led her to the idea that, because it was such a blahful day, the likelihood of them once again being out of honey nut Chex Mix at Winco (since we were planning to go shopping) might be pretty high (since the last time they were out, she had also had a pretty blah day). And wouldn't you know it, they were out again. Good thing we bought extra last time.

Today I'm thankful for making lots of progress on Kieli, getting to eat cereal for breakfast, having lots of chocolate in the house, having an extra bag of honey nut Chex Mix, and Pat Sajak calling contestants Ed when it's very much not their real name.
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