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Rambling along

We had a half day today! Yay! We finished the first draft of Kieli III, and it's looking like we're going to want volume four pretty soon here. We're both a little nervous about where this whole series is heading. It reminds us of a certain panel at AX07, which will remain nameless here because that would give things away a little (even though it's all speculation anyway, Athena points out), but for our own memory-jogging, I will add that I won a pocket watch there.

And I just realized one of the reasons that I don't always point out when Athena has added a thought to the post--for some reason, I think it's really weird to see our names in print. Or hear them out loud, for that matter. It probably has a lot to do with being twins, especially twins who stick together, because even people who can tell us apart don't always feel the need to address us individually (needless to say, people who can't tell us apart try to avoid having to). Of course, we'll always turn to the credits page of the manga we translate so we can show off the facts that our names are in there, but we only kind of glance at it to make sure it's really there, and then we just hold it away.

In college, we tended to stand out, especially because Mom had knit (or maybe crocheted) scarves and hats for us in very pretty deep red and green (Mom probably meant for Athena to have the green ones and me to have the red ones, but we were huge DN Angel fans at the time, and Athena, being older, matched with Riku, and the "ku" in Riku's name means "red," and Dad didn't give us specific instructions when he delivered them) that we wore almost every day in the winter because hello, it is cold. So we'd be walking around campus, and everyone would see us and be like, "Hey look, it's those cute twins with the cute matching hats and scarves!" and wave. People we didn't even know. Or at least, we think we didn't know them. We were at a very unfair disadvantage in learning to recognize people, probably made worse by our horrible lack of motivation to do anything "social."

But anyway, some people who were in like our ward or something would always make it a point, if we passed by them on campus, to say, "Hi Alethea, hi Athena!" And for some reason we found it extremely annoying. Like if they walked by a couple of friends that didn't happen to be twins, wouldn't they just say, "Hi guys!" and be done with it? So we developed this impression that they were either trying to show off that they could tell us apart (which actually would not be proven by such a simple act, because when passing by someone, we couldn't tell whom they were addressing), or working by some sort of sympathy or sense of justice or respect or something, knowing that, as twins, we tend to be lumped together a lot and they wanted to prove that they know that we're two individual people, and we each have our own name. We probably would have appreciated it more if they ever talked to us on other occasions (like I said, most of these people were people from our ward), but most of the people who actually spent time with us would just say "hi" or "hi guys" or sometimes we think chibidrunksanzo would give us a "yo."

And that went off on a major tangent of "just being able to tell us apart doesn't really impress us." Of course not--we do it all the time. But anyway, I think it came from a theory that randomly popped into my head that maybe the reason we hated it so much was actually not for the reasons I listed above, but actually because for some reason it makes us nervous to hear our names. I like to think of it like how in Japan, you don't call people by their first names if you only just met them. And then we just thought of those other reasons in an attempt to explain it to ourselves.

Not that we don't like our names--we think they're awesome. And sometimes our bosses will start e-mails with "Hi Alethea and Athena!" and that makes us happy, but more because of the exclamation point. We like exclamation points, but not in excess (although our current Relief Society president uses exclamation points in e-mails like whoa, and because of her personality, it's actually very cute and funny; but sometimes, it's just a little weird; and by "excess," I mean more than five (measure taken from Terry Pratchett's Masquerade)).

So my point is, this is an odd thing that I sometimes realize about us that I always get too distracted before I figure out why it might be. Maybe someday.

Today I'm thankful for having awesome names, finishing the first draft of Kieli III (in only two weeks! wow!), random things to talk about on LJ, Terry Pratchett, and having extra time for manga reading today!
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