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Harvey's back, and we are happy♥

We also listened to our CD of Japanese folktales last night and it was super super cute. It was just like a parent reading a bedtime story--each voice actor read a story, changing their voice for each of the characters that showed up and everything. Too cute♥ We want to get a CD alarm clock and wake up to Japanese folktales every day. Actually, we want to get all the other CDs in the series, too (except for the ghost story ones), so then we'd have a huge variety!

Of course, if they're like bedtime stories, I guess it would make sense to just use our regular CD player and listen to them while we go to sleep, since we listen to music while we're going to sleep anyway, but I've wanted a voice alarm clock for sooooooo looooooong, and this seems like a decent substitute. Especially because we're prone to not getting up with the alarm, and maybe having a story would prompt us to stay awake instead of going back to sleep, and then we can get up instead of hitting the snooze button three times. It's gotten to a point where sometimes I don't even wake up until the third time the alarm's gone off. Athena's not entirely sure she does either, and she's the one hitting the buttons.

Then again, that being the case, it's possible that we would just sleep through the stories, which would kind of defeat the purpose of the alarm clock, but would also make for some pretty interesting dreams. It reminds me of way back when Celeste and/or Sarah would wake up before us (I think maybe they had year round school and we were in middle school and thus on a regular school schedule) and turn on Ducktales while they got ready for the day, and I would always wake up later, having dreamt something involving Scrooge McDuck.

The stories also reminded me of this video we used to watch a lot when we were little (it was buried in the depths of my memory until last night) with stories about the Muppet Babies. It was kind of animated, only it wasn't really because the pictures didn't move--they just changed with the narration. And I thought it would be pretty neat to make videos like that of all these stories. But of course we're lazy, so.

Today I'm thankful for our Japanese folktale CD being just as shiny as we'd hoped, the combination of brownies and mint ice cream, Harvey is back♥, Tomokazu Seki's old man and monkey voices, and Ducktales.
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