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We had some pretty awesome meetings in church today, even though once again, we read the wrong lesson. See, at the beginning of the year, they always pass out the books we're going to be studying from during the year, so we can all read the lesson ahead of time and be prepared to participate. Actually, we're using the same books as last year, because now we're studying Joseph Smith, and there's so much good stuff that he taught that the book has enough lessons for two years. Anyway, instead of having a Joseph Smith lesson last week like we normally would have, we had ward conference, so we read the lesson that we would have had last week, thinking that maybe they would go back to it. But because of the way Relief Society teaching is organized, it also made sense that the teacher teaching this week would still teach the lesson she was scheduled to teach (on staying faithful through trials), and we had the lesson after the one we read (on being peacemakers and living in harmony with others). And that's all very confusing, but it makes sense to me, and that's what's important. And both lessons were very very good, so we got double the awesomeness.

And while we were going to find links to those lessons, we found this video about why Mormons build temples that is also quite awesome. What with the whole Big Love thing going on, some of you might find it interesting. (Incidentally, here's the Church's official statement on all that. It seems to be more directed at the church members than anyone else, but it's pretty interesting anyway.)

During sacrament meeting, we had two girls talk about their missions, which is always cool, because missionaries have interesting experiences. One girl talked about how she and her companion were tracting down one street, knocking on doors and offering to share a spiritual message, and everyone was turning them down ("hardcore," she said), until they finally came to one house where the woman listened, and said she would invite them in if her husband was home. Then a car drove up and they thought it was the husband coming home and they would get to teach the woman about the gospel, but instead the woman freaked out because there was a cop in her driveway, and she said she never wanted to speak to them again. The policeman called them over and informed them that he'd gotten a call about a couple of church girls going around giving people a hard time. From what I know about missionaries (LDS and Jehovah's Witness), they're usually very friendly. They might be a little persistent, but that would be because they believe so strongly in what they're trying to share and the happiness that it can bring. So the idea that someone would call the police on them was actually kind of scary to me. It's like if someone called the police on a couple of Girl Scouts going around selling cookies in the neighborhood. But these missionaries took advantage of the opportunity to teach the policeman and his family, so it turned out to be a good experience for them.

Today I'm thankful for the Joseph Smith lesson manual, miniature Kit-Kats, finally getting to play Dissidia after all our non-playing last night, missionary anecdotes, and Duet+ CDs.
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