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What time is it anyway?

Daylight Savings Time is totally messing with my head. I'm like, "Oh, we have plenty of time before Jeopardy!. What!? It's after six!? Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!" It's been kind of amusing these last few days.

Today seems to be a day where I can't quite focus very well, except on Kieli. The volume we're working on is entertaining us quite well, and I'm not sure if it's just because we like it better or because we're working on it in bigger chunks so it has more of a chance to grab our attention. Or if it's just that it starts out with much more Harvey. He just had a pretty cool entrance in the bit we translated before we decided it was time to stop and at least update Live Journal, if not stop for the day. And then we went and got distracted by things like Comic Con, and now there's not much time to get back to it. Ah well.

We also went to the 7-11 today, which was a bit more of an adventure than usual because I accidentally left the debit card I pay for stuff with at home. We had ordered pizza on Saturday, and I forgot to put it away after showing it to the pizza guy, alas. Fortunately, I had enough cash on me that we only had to put one thing back, and we still got to buy our ice cream.

Right, I knew there was another thing that kept slipping my mind. That's what happens when things happen first. We checked our e-mail this morning and found we'd gotten one from AstroNerdBoy. The name is vaguely familiar, but we're still not entirely sure where from, even though we checked the link that was on it. It was a very nice e-mail, complimenting our translations, and then it got into the [certain character] gender-pronoun controversy. It was still very nice and polite even in questioning our judgment, so it was actually really fun overall, but I still have to remember to respond at some point. But today has been more eventful than we originally planned (that's what happens when I put off writing the column for Manga Life) so it will probably wait until later.

Today I'm thankful for having had cash on me at the 7-11, very friendly 7-11 cashiers, getting to buy our ice cream, cuddly teddy bears from Habitat for Humanity, and unexpected but friendly e-mails.
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