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Dexter Douglas is playing Duncan!?

Okay, so three lines from the character aren't really going to tell us if that's the case, but still.

We were watching Whose Line is it Anyway?, and they started playing, "If you know what I mean," so we decided to change the channel. Cartoon Network and Nick@Nite were both showing commercials, so we go on to the Disney Channel. It's very convenient, because ABC Family is 51, CN is 52, Nick is 53, and the Disney Channel is 54. Or at least it would be convenient if the up arrow on our remote didn't automatically take us to channel 3.

Anyway, the Disney Channel was showing "The Buzz on Maggie," and, since it wasn't a commercial, we decided we'd try it out. So Maggie is at home complaining about the drama teacher (or the guy directing the play; we don't know if he was a teacher or not), and then we see her brother Aldrin, all dressed like a jock and talking about being in charge and being a jock and stuff, and Athena is suddenly hit by something (metaphorically) and says, "Is that Danny Phantom!?"

So we look him up, and Aldrin is indeed played by David Kaufman, also known for playing Jimmy Olsen in the Superman animated series, and Dexter Douglas, as mentioned in the subject line.

And now, our world is crumbling around us. Dexter Douglas and Danny Phantom are our heroes. They're total nerds (okay so Danny's not quite as nerdy as Dexter, but he is almost as rejected) who turn into superheroes. But now Mr. Kaufman is playing the quarterback! Duncan! And Dash! The enemy!

This is so wrong. Sanzo, we blame you.

EDIT: We don't know what to believe any more!!!

Since we were still up talking to Celeste (she's only ever on late. Go figure), and we had the window open on the home page for "The Buzz on Maggie," I figured I might as well take the quiz. And of course I got Aldrin. Of course.

(But Athena points out that, if they changed "sports" to "anime and manga," the description would be mostly accurate)
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