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We've been working out today! Only not actually moving. Y'know. The whole "brain" workout thing. See, knowing that as soon as we got Kieli we would need to get it translated as fast as humanly possible, we decided we would facilitate the process by ordering our own copy from Kinokuniya. It got here yesterday soon before lunch, and so we got right to work! Y'know. After lunch. We still had to finish cleaning the dining area, anyway.

And so we spent half the workday yesterday and all of the workday today working on prose, which, as I'm sure I've said so many times you're all sick of reading about it, is hard. But fortunately! not as hard as we expected. I think there are several reasons for this, including saying a prayer before we got started. Also, when we've been away from something for a long time, we tend to remember the difficulty level differently than what it actually is. Athena says, "We like to keep ourselves on our toes, so things will be easier than we expect, because when they're harder than we expect then it's just not pretty." Though sometimes things are harder than we expect anyway of course.

Also, this one starts out with more of Harvey's point of view. We always thought we liked translating Harvey's point of view more just because we like Harvey so much, but now we're realizing that it probably also has a lot to do with Harvey not thinking about things as much as Kieli does, which means there are fewer descriptive passages. But that just means that now we like Harvey even more♥

In other news, apparently the cast for the new FullMetal Alchemist anime has been announced, and it's just really really weird. At least they have the same guy for Hughes. If they'd gotten a different voice for Hughes... I just don't know what I would have done. Keiji Fujiwara is just too perfect. What's really weird is that they have some members of the old cast playing different characters in the new cast. Like Yuuji Ueda (Kimbley, originally) is now Havoc. That's just weird. It'd be interesting to watch, too, because whenever Havoc's talking, it'd be like, "Nooooo! He's creepy and evil!!! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!" Only not, because he really is just Havoc. Unless Havoc is creepy and evil and we don't know about it (we haven't read much of the manga, and we never did see the last three episodes of the original anime).

Today I'm thankful for this book of Kieli being a little shorter than the last one (we like Kieli, but lots of page numbers make for much dauntingness), Harvey's POV, Fujiwara-san still being Hughes, having plans to go grocery shopping and buy more chocolate (we've been just about out for a few days, and it's been pretty sad), and leftover Pocky.
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