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Kitty-enforced breaktime

Since we haven't had much "real work" to do, we've been feeling like we should maybe do some of our other productive things, like work on costumes. But working on costumes when I haven't in a long long time is actually very scary. I actually didn't think my perfectionism got the best of me most of the time (in fact, I find it quite useful, because it helps us do things better, since we're not satisfied with not better), but when it comes to making costumes, it can be paralyzing. I tend to be afraid of messing things up to a point where I can't fix them, which is kind of silly, I think, but there it is.

Anyway, another thing that was scaring me about working on costumes is that I wasn't entirely sure where I was going to set up the sewing machine. I don't know why that would be scary, per se, but having a place to use the sewing machine is definitely an important part of sewing. Unless you want to do it all by hand, but let's be reasonable. Last time we made costumes, I had a very good place to use the sewing machine, since we have a dining area and a table that we don't use for anything else. Unfortunately, since the last time we made costumes (about three years ago? two and a half?), the dining area has accumulated Stuff. That's usually what happens to places that aren't used for living in. They accumulate Stuff. I think the accumulation accelerated when Celeste was living here, because she was using the other bedroom, which is our other place for accumulating Stuff. At any rate, we no longer had a good place for the sewing machine.

So today! in order to eliminate that excuse, we started *gasp!* cleaning the dining area! But then we took a little break which was just long enough for Oreo to plant himself in Athena's lap, and neither of us had the heart to make him move. So we updated Live Journal instead, and Oreo has since gotten bored and left. And now we can go finish cleaning the dining area, and have a lovely little sewing room. Yay!

Today I'm thankful for cleaning the dining area, sewing machines, kitties insisting we take breaks of decent lengths, certain tasks being not as scary as they seem, and oh hey there's a table there!.
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