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Movies and CDs! Yay!

We get to go to the movies today! I guess some people might think that's a pretty ordinary thing, but for us it's not, so we're very excited! It just goes to show, once again, that if you only indulge yourself occasionally, it's that much more fun. So yeah, when Celeste came over, we talked about how we hardly ever really do anything with family, so we figured at least the three of us and her husband could go to the movies together, and that's what we're doing! Yay!

In the meantime, we decided to use the extra cash we got from translating stuff for baranoneko's friend to make a CD Japan order! Yay! (Lots of yays.) We were tempted to make a Play Asia order instead, but we decided that might be a bad idea. But our order was still heavily influenced by video games, as we ordered two Black Mages CDs! Yay! The Black Mages, from what we understand from visiting their English home page one time, is a group formed by Nobuo Uematsu, the composer for the Final Fantasy games, and some other guys from Square-Enix who play rock instruments, and they remixed some Final Fantasy music and released them on CDs, and we heard some samples, and it's pretty awesome, so we decided we wanted their CDs. I think we finally resolved to buy them when we were on a big FF kick from playing Dissidia, and so we were listening to a CD of game music blackhope burned for us, which had a track of what we think is probably the Black Mages version of the music for Matoya's Cave.

Then we ordered a CD drama (Uta o Kikasete, aka Chizuru Akiyoshi's story) and another region 2 Host Club DVD, because we're still being stubborn about that, and we had a little money left, and I wanted another music CD, but this time one with vocals. But we realized that since we haven't been downloading any anime, we haven't been watching anything new, so we had no idea what we wanted. So we did something drastic, and searched for CDs by artist (this is drastic for us because we like to get an anime (or CD, in this case) and then find out our favorite voice actors are in it). We started with Akira Ishida, and then we realized that was stupid because he doesn't sing anymore, so we switched to Soichiro Hoshi. That's when we came across... that.

Come to think of it, I don't remember the title exactly, despite being completely obsessed with it now. But that's okay, because Athena remembered it, and it's "Dears: Nihon no Mukashibanashi ~ Ao no Iro ~". We weren't quite sure what it was, but it had Hoshi-san and Ishida-san listed in the artist section, and anything with mukashibanashi (tales of long ago, for lack of patience to look up a more standard translation (maybe folklore?)) sounds neat. Still, we decided to look into it a little more before ordering, so instead we decided to see if there was a Neo Angelique: Abyss vocal collection yet, and there sort of is, but it's not coming out until the end of the month, and we didn't want to wait that long for shiny new CDs. So off to do our research!

Apparently, Dears is... a company? (for being obsessed, I'm thoroughly lacking in detailed knowledge, but we're burning DVDs right now, so I don't want to bother looking anything up). Anyway. From what we gather, it's... something... that has created a bunch of CDs narrated by every voice actor we at one time considered our favorite. Or something like that. They've got a super long list of CDs, like the Japanese folklore one we mentioned, and they have Grimms' fairy tales and Hans Christen Andersen fairy tales, and something about the zodiac (Western astrology), which is especially neat because they had each voice actor they got tell the story of their own sign.

And then we got back to our workreation and realized that with this new series and its names from Japanese history, maybe we should have ordered from the, "This'll be on the test! Japanese history" collection. But we only ordered one, because we thought we should still try them out before ordering the whole lot of them. I just think it's so neat that on the Andersen's fairy tales one, Ishida-san♥ reads the story of the little match girl (featured in Gakuen Alice, in which Ishida-san plays Narumi) and Thumbelina, which, according to one site somewhere was his debut anime, but according to the most recent Wikipedia edit is not. I'm not sure where we can check on that.

I also think they're neat because they remind me of all the tapes we used to listen to in the car when Mom or Dad would drive us places when we were really little. We're so excited to get all of them and listen to them all the time and learn all about Japanese folktales and history and stuff! ...Except then we realize we don't really have time for that. But it's still a nice idea.

I am a little sad that it's not really a music CD with fun songs to sing along with, and we can't listen to it at work... well, we actually probably could listen to it at work, but I'm not sure how it would affect our translations. But we're still really excited, and we want CD Japan to ship our order now!!! *whine whine whine*

Today I'm thankful for shiny CD serieseseses, getting to go to the movies today, the word "yay," DVD burners, and freeing up space on our hard drive.
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