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Today we turned in the translation of the new thing we were translating, and then we sent baranoneko's friend the translation we did for him, and since we still have no Kieli, we are currently in work limbo, and therefore are listless. Get it!? Because we don't have a list of deadlines! Aaaaaahh ha ha ha ha ha ha... ha...

Anyway. In lieu of doing what we call "real work," we spent the day doing workreation! Wooooo! After our failure with the one title that we had to really rush on a couple weeks ago, we're determined not to forget things for CMX again! And so we need to write summaries of future volumes, which, as we all know, is impossible to do without having read them. I guess we could make up a summary, but first, we're not that creative, and second, it would probably be better to summarize actual content. It actually worked out really well, because I was reading Haruka last night, and I had to stop right at a part where it's like, "But! Oh no! And! But!" and it was bugging me quite a bit, but I got to read on while Athena read volume two of the new thing.

In other news, we watched Spirited Away for the first time in like forever last night. It was really cute to hear Miyu Irino from way back when. How long ago was that movie made? I don't know, but it was really funny, because you could tell he was this really young kid, but he's using all this really... stiff? stoic? formal? Maybe not formal... the kind of language you expect really old general-type people to use. Like when he's all, "Call me Haku-sama." It was just too cute♥ It's really interesting, too, because even though Haku talks so much more than, for example, Sena in Eyeshield21, you can totally tell he sounds younger. I guess it just goes to show that no matter how talented a voice actor is, they can't quite disguise their age. Bo is a good example, too. He sounds so much cuter in the Japanese version, played by an actual little boy, than he does in the American version, played by a woman who plays a lot of little boys.

And then I was looking up the cast of Spirited Away to see how to spell "Bo" (still not sure I got it right--they had two different spellings at IMDb), and we decided to check what Ryunosuke Kamiki (the kid who played Bo) is up to these days, and it said he was in episode 9 of the live action Sailor Moon, and we're like, "What!? No he wasn't!" So now it's playing in the background for confirmation. There was a little kid at the very beginning, but he didn't match the picture of Kamiki-kun that we have in our Lagoon Engine thingie.

But even that got interrupted because Celeste came over to pick up some of the newspapery things that we have piling up (we keep them for certain reasons), and we had a lovely time chatting. But I don't know if anything came up that I really care to mention here. So why did I even bring it up? Probably just because it feels weird to me that I got interrupted while typing, and I wanted to explain why even though nobody reading this would notice the difference. Unless they looked at the time-stamp and thought, "Wow, that took a really long time to type."

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time to read manga and find out how Akane is going to deal with the horrible things that are happening, getting to chat with Celeste for a while, having fast access to live action Sailor Moon to check things, the existence of boys who actually don't need to be watching sports every second, and getting to hear Miyu Irino's adorable Haku voice again. And bad puns♥
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