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Today has been a day that doesn't feel productive despite actually doing productive things. We did some cleaning, and then we finally got to work on costumes. It always takes me longer than I expect to work on costumes, because I do a lot of sitting there, wondering if I want to make something this long, or if I should actually make it longer, or maybe I should make it shorter, or... And while I'm sitting there contemplating the proper length to cut things, Mimsy comes and helps by sitting on the fabric. And then I get the tape measure to help me decide, only it's not one of those fancy ones that's inside a thingie and you pull it out to measure and push the button to pull it back in--it's just a long tape measure. And to Mimsy, it is the enemy.

It's not fair putting all the blame on Mimsy, of course. Oreo will do the same things, and he did, but not for as long because I guess he decided he just really liked hanging out on the top bunk today.

So the original plan was to cut out and sew together Atsumori's top, but I got tired of working on costumes before I finished cutting stuff out, so instead I just finished cutting things and called it a day. Unless we get the book for Kieli on Monday, we should have plenty of time to work on costumes then.

In other, less important news, our computer informed us today that we really needed to change our wallpaper by having the bottom half of our then-current wallpaper show up as just black. So now we have a very pretty wallpaper of Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System. In the foreground, it has Ashe, Penelo, and Fran sitting there being all cute wearing various accessories associated with Final Fantasy jobs. Fran's a red mage, which makes sense, but Ashe is a white mage and Penelo is a black amge, which kind of makes sense because Ashe is the one whose Mist techniques are all holy, but in Revenant Wings, Penelo is the healer while Ashe is a fighter, so it's all kinds of confusing. Of course, to someone who hasn't played the games at all, it's probably even more confusing.

Anyway, in the background, Balthier is sitting on the ground watching as Vaan lifts Basch on his shoulders, apparently to get something out of a tree. The tree is covered up by the foreground, so there's no clue as to what is in the tree that Basch would be trying to get, or how Vaan convinced him to care (if they're doing something silly like that, it must have been Vaan's idea). Maybe they're trying to rescue a cat, or maybe there's some kind of delicious-looking fruit up there. There's no telling!

Today I'm thankful for getting Atsumori's top cut out, cute FF12 wallpapers, helpful kitties, Disney shopping surveys (where we get a chance to say, "I enjoy shopping for Kingdom Hearts characters!"), and tape measures.
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