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Today we worked overtime a little bit. We did it partly because we've been told they want the book we're working on ASAP, and partly because we really like it. We're actually still debating on whether or not we should work on it more, but last night we got to the scene in Dissidia Final Fantasy that really hit our fangirl weakness, so we want to make sure we get to that, too (not that we couldn't do more work and still play video games). But we already had a slight diversion from work in the form of a major crisis!

First, we were almost out of milk. Second, and more importantly, we ate the last of our pie last night, and thus we were out of desserts. We still have some of the Ferrero Rocher our home teacher gave us, but somehow those don't count. We also still have some cookie dough to bake, but that requires work. And that was all! And normally on Thursday nights, we take time out of have honey nut Chex Mix! But last time we went to the grocery store they were ALL OUT!!!! *anguish* (Athena: It was terrible. How are we supposed to work under these conditions? Seriously.)

So on the one hand, we were very happy about life because we had our new series and Dissidia to work on/play. But on the other hand, we were both lamenting our lack of sugary goodness.

Something had to be done. So instead of taking the effort to bake the cookie dough (which we then would have eaten and then been completely out of dessert!), we decided to walk all the way to the 7-11 instead. And thus we obtained milk and individual pints of ice cream. And our crisis was solved. Yay!

Today I'm thankful for getting some exercise, having lots of fun on this new series, having ice cream to fill our dessert void, the adorableness of Warrior of Light, and the perfectness of the guy in the series.
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