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My bedding is on the floor. I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but three facts remain: 1)The bedding was on the bed. 2)The bedding is now on the floor. 3)Oreo is on the bed. Coincidence? I think not.

It's just weird because it's such a large pile of bedding. Did he push it off with the intent of pushing it on to the floor? Or did he try to hide under the bedding when the UPS guy came and knock it off accidentally? Poor kitty, left without a hiding place.

Anyway, the UPS guy brought us a book we need to translate along with English copies of Lagoon Engine 1 and 2. We asked for them because we wanted to have a series that we had our own Japanese copies of, so when people from church are confused about our job, we can show them the Japanese version and say, "We take this..." show them the English version, "And make this!" Tadah!!

Thinking about it, we could have easily gone with The Candidate for Goddess, too. (We don't actually own our own copies of Saiyuki, and DN Angel... is too tragic.) So I'm not really sure why we chose Lagoon Engine, but it helps that they didn't use a rewriter on it.

We were looking through the copies, and came to the part where Erei is explaining and says, "Something grabs their socks.... And then, suddenly their feet... Are grabbed by a bazillion hands!!" The English version had it something like that. I saw it and I was sad, because I thought it was so good, and we're like, "Aww, why can't we come up with stuff like that?"

But then we checked our translation and it matched! We did come up with stuff like that! Except ours was a little different because of the Japanese grammar, but the important thing was the "bazillion hands" part. So now we're very pleased with ourselves, and I wanted to share, but now I'm afraid we're bragging. We're sorry!

But not sorry enough to not write it... *sigh*
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