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Huh. We don't have a fangirling icon.

We're still waiting for books, so I kind of feel like we've been set adrift again, with our lack of any concrete schedule. Or I would feel that way, except that we still had baranoneko's friend's project to work on, and that actually ended up taking all day. So instead of finishing soon after lunch, like we had planned (hoped), and then wondering what to do with ourselves until such time as the books we need should arrive, we just kept trucking. One of the books we're expecting really ought to be coming today, if it got sent when we think it did, but if it doesn't come... I guess we'll finally have time to work on costumes!

Speaking of costumes, or rather, speaking of Haruka3, here's a little fangirling.

Since we finally got all the Haruka3 endings on Friday, we finally watched the Haruka3 anime, Kurenai no Tsuki, on Saturday. It was very pretty, but Genbu was severely underrepresented. It was kind of sad--all the Hachiyo are standing there with their shirts off except for Atsumori and Lizvan. Maybe Genbu fans have a more pure love...

Anyway, speaking of shirtlessness, the opening sequence! It's full of naked! Or full of people in flesh-colored unitards, based on the shading at the end. It made it very hard to take the sequence seriously at all. At first it was like, "Oh, it's going to be one of those lots-of-nudity opening sequences, like in Ceres: Celestial Legend (aka Ayashi no Ceres)," and I just kind of rolled my eyes a little and sighed. And then they show each of the Hachiyo, and they're still naked (or shirtless--you actually only see them from the shoulders up at this point), so I was like, "I know what happened! All the animators were so frustrated at how excruciatingly complicated the costumes are (seriously, I was surprised at how much detail they left in), that the director was like, 'Forget it! They'll all be naked in the opening!'" That had me pretty amused with myself, and then! Then, they showed Koremori, still naked (or shirtless), and, Koremori being who he is, I thought, "My theory must be true!" It was actually pretty hilarious.

Anyway, let's forget about Kurenai no Tsuki and talk about Yuzuru. We did Yuzuru's ending almost last, so we spent a lot of time with him just being the shy younger brother who obviously likes the miko but knows he doesn't have a chance so isn't trying to hard. It's a pretty common thing in anime and manga, but I always like that kind of character, so I always had a soft spot for Yuzuru. Plus he seemed to have some kind of clairvoyance angst, which is always fun.

But then! then! we were going through his story, and we get to the part where Nozomi's like, "Aww, poor Yuzuru. I should go get him a protective charm to cheer him up!" and Hinoe's like, "Hey, I'll go with you!" and Nozomi's like, "Okay!" and they get back and Yuzuru's like, "Hey, I bet you didn't know that I was a crazed psychopath, and I actually want to kill Hinoe and all the other Hachiyo so I can have you all to myself," and we're like, "Gwah!?" And then we had a difficult time taking the boy seriously, even though somehow he was cute in his psychoticness.

And that just opens up all kinds of amusing theories as to what Yuzuru would do back in modern-day Japan after Nozomi ends up with someone else. Of course there's the obvious, if whoever she ends up with goes back to modern-day Japan with her, he would somehow arrange for his murder. I had a theory that if Nozomi stayed in the other world, he would of course drop out of school and gureru, which is difficult to translate, and basically means "become a juvenile delinquent." In Hare+Guu, they translated it to "join a gang," and that thought made me think maybe he would join a yakuza youth group, climb his way to the top and eventually control all of Japan from the shadows, with everyone under his thumb. Or maybe he'd actually be the nice boy he seems to be and either get over her and find another girl who inspires him to be less psycho, or stay single because no one can live up to her legacy (and in the meantime, he'd become the world's greatest kyudo champion). He did say that as long as she's not especially nice to him, then he can let it go.

Today I'm thankful for getting hard things out of the way, learning what weasel words are, getting our Christian Bale movies in the mail yesterday (Pocahontas (last time we saw it, it made us kind of angry, but we still want a complete collection, and it was on sale (and it has Christian Bale!)) and Howl's Moving Castle (which we may never watch in English, but it still has Christian Bale's voice on it somewhere, even if we never listen to it)), the convenience of online shopping, and shirts.
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