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To be honest, we were less than enthusiastic about getting to work this week, for the main reason that the only two projects we had were kind of daunting. Negima!? neo seems to always come at a time when my sinuses are all stuffed up and I'm feeling kind of woozy, so even when we haven't started work on it, I tend to feel like that's how it's going to be. I thought maybe I would beat it, because I felt fine when we worked on it last Wednesday, but then we got interrupted, and when we got back to it, I was feeling kind of blah again. The other project is Not Manga, and as I discussed a while back, anything Not Manga is harder than what we usually do, and is thus daunting by definition. (I'm not entirely convinced that manga is the easiest thing there is to translate, but we haven't found anything easier yet.)

But today we finished Negima!? neo, and I'm feeling better, and we got back to work on the Not Manga project, which helped us to realize that it's not as scary as it seemed on Friday. And thus we have a brighter outlook on our immediate future (even though we still have Kieli to worry about as soon as it arrives). Especially because we have a shiny new title coming! Yay!

In other news, we discovered that Me & My Brothers will be ending soon. This wasn't so much of a surprise to us, since the way things are headed, it couldn't really have gone on much longer. But what's been a little confusing is why Anime News Network is constantly reporting the end of Hana to Yume titles. I can understand that they'd want to report everything there is to report, but it's not like they report every new title that starts, or every old title that ends. Maybe it's just that it's easier to find out when Hana to Yume titles are ending, because the other magazines don't tell you so much? We went to the Betsu-Fure site to see if we could discover anything, but since we don't really know any of their titles except for Hockey Club (and minima!, but that ended too long ago to be able to find anything without looking really hard, and we didn't care that much), we discovered nothing. And that just goes to show that if you want to learn anything, you have to be willing to work for it.

Today I'm thankful for things being less daunting than they seem, still having some chocolate satin pie left, finishing another book, having enough butter to make grilled cheese sandwiches without having to get more out of the fridge and wait for it to get soft enough to spread, and finally figuring out our log-in problems.
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