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The busyness continues

The original plan was to write a column and then go off to do fun things for the rest of the night, but I think our work schedule has just been too crazy lately, and we need to take a break now. So we'll write the column after some video games and game shows. Yay!

In other news, we've officially decided to go to Anime Detour, and we pre-registered and everything! Okay, not everything. We still need to buy airfare. We had a potential itinerary saved, but when we signed back in to the site where we saved it, it disappeared. But in its place were a bunch of less expensive flights (which is kinda weird because we saved the itinerary a few weeks ago), so we decided not to stress out too much about it yet. We haven't been feeling so hot today, and I'm not sure if it's stress-related or not, but either way, we should probably take it just a bit more easy.

And in the face of all these crazy plans and things, we accept new work that also needs to be done ASAP. So many ASAPs lately, it's kind of insane. But we just can't say no to CMX. We like to get shiny new titles (it's like an addiction! the bunches of titles we already have just aren't enough! (especially because almost all of them have slowed down)), and then we see the cover of the new offer and it's just so cute there's no way we can pass it up! So that's pretty exciting. It'll be nice to work on some shoujo manga at a slightly more relaxed pace.

We had some of the pie Celeste gave us last night, and it would seem that when it comes to pies, silk and satin are (at least very close to) interchangeable after all, and the chocolate satin pie was most delicious. We're glad we still have three fourths of it left!

We also watched the Chinese Disney movie, The Secret of the Magic Gourd. It was very cute, but we were irritated that despite having two different Chinese language tracks, the only subtitles were not translations of either of them, but in fact a transcription of the English script (for the hearing impaired). It's like they only expect Chinese people to want to watch it in the original language. I know it's a kids' movie and kids don't generally read subtitles, but come on! Some of us are kids at heart who happen to like to watch things in their original language! It wouldn't have been so much of a problem if the script wasn't obviously rewritten in places. It's really interesting to read, though, because even though we don't know a single bit of Chinese, there were places where I felt like it was more obviously adapted than others (some places were super obvious, but others were just like, "I bet that was altered from the original!"). I think it's because the adaptation writer wasn't really focusing on the feel of the movie so much as spotting some places where he could put in a funny joke. We've read some manga adaptations like that. It's not pretty.

It reminded me of one of the talks we heard at stake conference yesterday. I don't remember all the details, but there was a story about how a bishop was called to give a talk one Sunday, but he couldn't so he called someone else to give the talk (that he had prepared) in his place. The man agreed and gave the talk, but the person telling the story noticed that the talk was much different than most of the talks given by that man. When he asked the man, he answered that he wasn't giving his own talk--he was giving the bishop's talk. So he took the bishop's notes and used what he knew of the bishop to try to convey the message the same way the bishop would have if he had been able to give the talk himself. I think that that's what a good translator and adaptation writer should always be striving to do.

Today I'm thankful for chocolate satin pie, a shiny new assignment, breaks, the subtitles for the Magic Gourd making-of feature being actual translation and not dubtitles (because there is no dub), subtitles in general, and the happy ending theme to The Secret of the Magic Gourd.
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