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Well, today things were finally back to relative normalcy. Wednesday was a very long day. We only had three projects to work on: Kieli (hadn't gotten the book), Negima!? neo (hadn't gotten the book), and some more translating stuff to help baranoneko's friend with his thesis. We had already translated the first two things he wanted us to translate, and since we did it so very quickly, he asked if we'd be willing to translate some more. We agreed, since when you're writing a thesis it's best to have as much potentially useful material as possible, but not until Wednesday morning, because on Tuesday night we didn't want to think about work too much.

So for Wednesday, we were planning to savor the calm before the storm that would come when Kieli arrived. But Kat's friend got back to us much more quickly than we expected him to, and so after breakfast, we decided we'd better get to work on his project, because the more we had done, the less we'd have to do later. We still weren't really wanting to think about translating, though, so we decided that would only last until lunch.

A few minutes before lunch, we got a knock at the door, and behold! Our manga from Kinokuniya! And Negima!? neo. So we figured that, what with the impending storm, we'd better get more work done. Since Kat's friend's thing is (currently) the hardest, we worked on that for a while, and then, since we were starting to go a little braindead, we lightened the pace by switching to Negima!? neo. Some time between four and four-thirty, we were just about ready to call it a day (that's our usual quitting time when we're not also working on Kieli), when we checked our e-mail.

There was an urgent e-mail from our boss at CMX, asking if we could send the translation for a certain book (sadly, not 9 Hate), because it was getting pretty late for it, and he couldn't find it in any of his files. There was a very good (or very bad, rather) reason that he couldn't find it in his files, and that's that we hadn't actually translated it yet. This was a very ガーーーン moment. We have never made a mistake like that before. So we angsted about it for like two seconds, then we sent an e-mail apologizing and promising to translate it as fast as we could. And then, after a very short (and much needed) cookie break and a prayer, we got to work.

We worked on it until bedtime (taking time out for things like dinner), and of course it's what we planned to work on as soon as we'd finished our morning routine the next day. There was a tiny little snag in that, in the midst of panicking and rushing to get this in (though actually that was suppressed pretty well, since we get very focused on work), we finally started getting more work-related e-mails. One was asking us to resend a file, but another was asking for another emergency translation (this time into(!!!) Japanese!). Fortunately, we e-mailed and asked if the new emergency translation could wait another day, and it could, and we finished that up this morning. Whew.

Yesterday, as you all know, was filled with work on the first emergency translation, which we dearly wished would have had a DN Angel or Ai Yori Aoshi level of text density. But it's Hana to Yume, so no such luck. We finished it around nine, and turned it in with more apologies. We were kind of worried that we might be fired after that, but after that, there was talk of potential new assignments, so we think we're in the clear. I mostly just hope it doesn't create too many scheduling problems down the line--we had just learned firsthand (though not for the first time) what kind of intense work schedule you have to go by when you're behind.

In the meantime, the kitties seemed to miss us very much. On the first night of being glued to the computer, Oreo would walk to the living room and meow loudly as if to say, "Hey, why aren't you out here yet!?" And when we finished yesterday, as soon as Athena sat down next to him, he climbed onto her lap. Mimsy likes to act more cool than that.

Today I'm thankful for Snoopy, getting back to a (mostly) normal schedule today, having more time to spend with the kitties, once again not being fired (we think), and being done sitting at the computer for a long time once I finish this entry.
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