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It always throws me off when I think I have something to write about in Live Journal but I can't think of a way to start writing about it. Ah well.

Last night we went to Red Robin's with Mom. We got gift cards for there to give Sarah and her boy for Christmas, and they came with Red Robin Dollars for us, and last night we finally got a chance to use them. We like going there because they have really good mozzarella sticks. But we also remembered that we're very intimidated by restaurants. I think it's just because we're not used to them. (I'm sure I've mentioned before that MacDonald's was fine dining to us when we were little?)

Anyway, it was pretty fun. Mom was feeling stressed and tired from having to teach seminary this week, among other things, so she wasn't very talkative. And so most of the evening involved Athena and me entertaining her with our clever banter. Or at least, I hope it was entertaining. We're not so sure about the clever, so if it wasn't entertaining, maybe the whole night was a bust! Gasp!! The "bust" potential (that doesn't sound right...) was already determined by Mom constantly saying, "I shouldn't eat this..." Oh, I hope we didn't just make the whole night annoying. I figure we probably didn't though, because if she was too annoyed to deal with us, she wouldn't have driven us to Red Robin's to begin with.

But it was all very nice for us, because with Celeste and Sarah away, we finally had an audience. Everyone in our whole family tends to compete for attention, and Athena and I usually only have the cats. Though we do have each other, which is definitely something. We've been thinking about it, and we realized that we tend to do things for attention even when nobody's around--perhaps especially when nobody's around. Like when we were translating volume five of Saiyuki (not-Reload) for the first time (before we were professionals), we were totally yelling and screaming at the book, and just being generally silly. And we were completely doing it for a reaction, but we were the only ones home. Other than Oreo and Mimsy, but I think they were in another room (we do sometimes startle the cats when translating manga). Athena suggests that maybe we're trying to summon a fairy godmother or something.

At any rate, having an audience is good. It's like when we got to be honorary citizens at Disneyland. I think I told this story before, but I want to tell it again, so I'm going to. We went to Disneyland with Mom and Celeste and Sarah, and as we were walking by Aladdin's Oasis (used to be a restaurant, now it's just a theater where they put on a little Aladdin show for the kiddies (was temporarily the home of Indiana Jones last summer)), we heard someone yelling that the show was about to start, so we figured we might as well go in and watch. As we walked in, one of the usher type guys said, "The girls are here! We can finally get started!" I think it was that comment that prompted us to overreact to everything the performers did, including the pity laughs for the bad puns. We had a lot of fun doing it, and afterward, the stage manager found us and thanked us for being a good audience, because it really helps the performers to get reactions like that, and out of gratitude, she made us honorary citizens of Disneyland and bestowed stickers upon us. Fortunately, honorary citizenship does not come with taxpayer status.

So anyway, last night really helped me to realize how true it is that performers like audiences that react, and I'm glad to be a good audience member. Incidentally, we were watching Family Feud the other night, and they surveyed a bunch of people asking places you don't want to burst out laughing. Most of the answers made some amount of sense: church, a funeral, a wedding... But one of the answers was the movies/theater. And we're like, "What if you're watching a comedy!?" It reminds me of when we saw The Emperor's New Groove in theaters, and Celeste was really embarrassed because we kept laughing out loud. But what good is a comedy if you can't laugh at it? Sheesh.

Today I'm thankful for having a case for our PSP so we can finally take it places and show it to people (for it is very shiny and we want to share the sparkles), getting honey to dip our chicken in last night, yummy Red Robin's cheese sticks, honorary citizen stickers, and Aladdin's Oasis.
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