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I think I'm feeling much better now. I'm really not sure what made the difference. Probably just a decision not to brood anymore. But getting nice comments from people definitely helped.

We also went back and read our CLAMP no Kiseki entries from way back when, for a little research for this week's column, and they're all pretty funny, I think. But maybe they're just funny to us because we were there, like with home videos. Did I mention my thing about home videos here? Ah well, I'll just mention it again. I think that home videos are funny to the people who filmed them because they know the people in them, and so they're more ready to be amused by them. On the other hand, people who don't know the people in those videos don't know why those people doing those things would be so funny, so they're not as easily amused. I'm sure there was something that triggered that reasoning, but I can't remember what it was. It might be that America's Funniest Home Videos came on when people were flipping channels at Mom's place one night.

We got our comp copies of Higurashi volume two today! I don't have anything else to say about that; I just wanted to mention it because I like it. So now we have an entire arc! Yay! Er, sort of yay, if you know what tends to happen in Higurashi story arcs.

We had fun working today, but I don't remember specifics. Mostly just complete randomness and stuff. I was hoping there would be something to LJ about, but I'm coming up with nothing. I did, however, just make Oreo sneeze. Mwahahahaha... ha ha... ha.

Mine is a solitary amusement today, it would seem.

Today I'm thankful for getting more comp copies, getting more contracts, getting Tinker Bell in the mail finally, the people at the Costa Mesa Kinokuniya being as helpful as ever, and being working on Hana no Namae again.
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