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Smarter than a five-year-old(?)

Every time we think we're finally getting over this extreme case of the blahs, something happens and it all comes rushing back. We really need to get more stuff to occupy our minds. This time, it's also come with a desire to prove that we are, in fact, smarter than five-year-olds (though I actually think five-year-olds can be pretty smart). I was thinking about posting in Japanese, because you have to be pretty smart to be bilingual, and conversely, being bilingual helps you to be smarter. But on the other hand, there are probably plenty of bilingual five-year-olds, and besides, if no one could understand the post, how would they know that I'm smarter than a five-year-old?

So what I wanted to do was post this thing... see one time we found this thing where you type in your blog's URL, and it tells you what level of education you need to have in order to understand the blog. So I was going to post the results of that, because our blog requires a high school education, and most five-year-olds have not graduated high school, but it looks like the site is down or something. On the other hand, it's also possible that some five-year-olds have a writing style that is so uniquely five years old that it requires someone with enough smarts to have graduated high school in order to make any sense of it. So it's not necessarily an accurate... measury thing.

It's true, though. Sometimes I do feel like people treat us like we're working at less than full capacity brainwise. Actually, this isn't entirely unintentional. I'm sure a lot of you have read that Calvin and Hobbes comic where he talks about keeping people's expectations low. If people don't expect you to be a super genius, they won't get disappointed or annoyed when you're not. But if they expect you to be... we'll say dumb-blonde-like (Celeste, our blonde sister, tells all the dumb blonde jokes, so I think it's okay to use this term...?), then they'll be impressed when you prove otherwise. At any rate, we've learned that being cute tends to be more helpful than looking smart. Not that I think we're the most adorable twins ever, but I think we're kind of cute, maybe.

But on the other hand (there seem to be a lot of hands in this post), one of the inherent risks of the cute act is that people will be patronizing. And I hate being patronized. I hate it a lot. Still, I guess people patronize others without even realizing it, so I guess we just need to learn how better to manipulate them cope with it.

Of course, it's not all an act, either. Most of my exclamation points are genuine♥

Today I'm thankful for discovering Psych on On Demand (I repeated the "on" in an attempt to prevent confusion; the show is Psych, we watched it On Demand), the really yummy box of Cheez-Its we were eating from a few minutes ago, Hana no Namae being a relatively easier translation than Negima, five-year-olds, and having our sink fixed again.
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