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Star Wars mania

We had a bit of a Star Wars weekend this weekend. We watched A New Hope on Saturday night, then we watched The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi yesterday. So now it's kind of hard to think of doing anything not related to Star Wars. I thought that would go away after a day of work, but apparently it hasn't. I think part of the problem is that we were on lexicons, which don't really have characters or story, and part of the problem is that the last thing we ended up listening to, in an attempt to stop brain fevers through classical music, was the Symphony Seed Destiny CD, which sounds very very much like Star Wars. I like Star Wars, so I don't mind being in Star Wars mode (Athena points out that if I did mind, I probably wouldn't still be in it), but we have so much else to do that it makes me a little sad.

But anyway, speaking of Star Wars and its music, we keep hearing people say that John Williams stole the music from other composers. We had a music professor once who said that the Force theme was stolen from something by Wagner (I think it was the hero's theme in Ring of the Nibelung, but I don't remember), and he played it for us, and we were like, "Well... they both have a french horn...?" And then the creator of 8-Bit Theater was talking about how the Star Wars music sounded exactly like Holst's "The Planets." Michiaki Watanabe mentioned thinking of one of The Planets' movements as background music for a scene in Violinist of Hameln, so I have been interested in hearing them, but we're just not music geeks, so we tend to forget.

But for my own Star Wars geekiness, I have a little rant about how anyone who knows anything about Star Wars knows that when George Lucas wrote the movies, he had specific classical pieces in mind, and in the interview on the old school VHS tapes that came out in 1995 (which we have instead of DVDs, because obviously we're not true Star Wars geeks), Mr. Lucas talks about how he would ask John Williams to create a score that had the same feeling as such and such piece of music, and that's probably why the music sounds so familiar to classical music geeks. But if they listen closely, they should be able to tell that the melodies are not, in fact, the same. Or at least so we would guess, based on our experience with Wagner and the Force. We really ought to listen to those Planets.

On another geeky tangent, when we were playing Lego Star Wars soon after we got it for Christmas, we noticed that the guy who did all the special sound effects like R2-D2's "talking" was Ben Burtt, who not only did all that stuff for WALL-E, but provides the voice of WALL-E. So, since Ben Burtt is, in effect, WALL-E himself, that makes WALL-E kind of like R2-D2's father. But Star Wars actually doesn't take place in the future--it takes place "a long time ago." So WALL-E is like R2-D2's father from the future! Which really doesn't make any sense, and calm down it's just a movie. what I have to tell myself. It's still funny to me anyway.

One last bit of Star Wars geekery--I want to tell about the awesomest shirt to have ever been sold at Disneyland.

It's a black shirt, and on the front it has Yoda's line, "Judge me by my size, do you?" On the back, it has a picture with Yoda, wearing Mickey Mouse ears and holding a Mickey Mouse ice cream, staring at one of those measuring sticks that say, "You must be this tall to ride." Sigh, poor Yoda.

Today I'm thankful for Star Wars, the awesomest shirt to have ever been sold at Disneyland, french horns, still having some ice cream left, and being done with the lexicon for today.
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