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Today is a day where we realize that it might be a good idea to take it extra easy. I guess working on Negima, with its intense brain workout, is a little more exhausting than we thought. So I'm going to try to make this short.

Church was pretty awesome today. During testimony meeting, we heard this good quote: "Having a testimony is believing and knowing; conversion is doing and becoming."

Then in Relief Society, the president of the Elders Quorum taught a lesson on the priesthood, which was really fun, with some interesting things pointed out, like how God didn't make Adam for Eve; He made Eve for Adam. In other words, Eve didn't need Adam--Adam needed her. We thought it was a neat point.

After that, our Relief Society president said a few words, because she was released today, and we're all very sad to see her not be our president anymore. (She'll still be around, just not the president. Maybe now she'll have time to come over and watch more Princess Tutu.) But we're very happy because the girl who got called in her place will make an awesome RS president. She only got back from her mission like a week and a half ago and already she's been called as the Relief Society president. That's pretty intense.

Today I'm thankful for our past RS president, our new RS president, still liking Star Wars, finally watching Star Wars last night, and the green tissue paper CD Japan packs all their packages with (more especially, watching the cats play with it).
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