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I'm a little surprised at how many entries I'm making that relate to the Tinker Bell movie. I didn't think I was that obsessed with it. Ah well.

Anyway, one thing we always like to do is check to see who's in the Japanese dub cast of anything animated that we kind of like enough to care. So we finally remembered to do that last night. It was kind of interesting, because first, we hadn't heard of the girl who plays Tinker Bell. But on reading the Wikipedia article, we discovered that they cast her through a cell phone audition Disney had on their Japanese mobile site. That's kinda neat. Then we're reading through the rest of the cast, and there were a couple of names we recognized (Megumi Toyoguchi, Maaya Sakamoto), but for the most part it was people we hadn't really heard much of. Or maybe I just say "for the most part" because we hadn't really heard the guy who plays Terence in anything (apparently it's spelled with only one R, which actually makes me sad; ah well, Bishounen Fairy it is!).

Then we got down to Phineas, and Athena was like, "Oh, Phineas! I just know he'll be played by someone I like!" Lo and behold, his Japanese dub voice is our very favorite Akira Ishida! Kya♥ So we watched the movie to see if we might go ahead and get it when it's the featured title at the Disney Movie Club, and I thought we might since it's cute and all, but now I'm wondering if we want to get it from CD Japan instead. *goes to price it at CD Japan* Or maybe we won't be able to find it at CD Japan anyway.

Oh well. Now that I've gotten our seiyuu geekery out of the way, I have a (potentially) more amusing anecdote that I keep forgetting about. On Wednesday, the phone started ringing, as it tends to do every so often. Usually it's telemarketers who hang up (or whose computer hangs up) after about four rings, so I usually let the phone ring four times before picking it up (we don't have caller ID or the heart to ask to be put on a "do not call" list). This time the phone rang a fifth time, so I picked it up, and a guy on the other line asks if this is Alicia. I figured it was a more persistent telemarketer, which is the main reason I get annoyed if someone pronounces my name wrong. I normally don't mind, but I was already annoyed at it being someone who didn't really want to talk to me for the conversation. So I corrected him, and he told me they were looking for Kevin and did I know where he is? Obviously it was a wrong number, so I apologized for not being able to help, hung up, and went back to work.

A few minutes later, the phone started ringing again. I didn't want to deal with wrong-numberness anymore, but I figured if I didn't, they'd just keep calling forever, so I went to pick it up again. It was the same guy, but as it turned out, that guy was actually our favorite cousin blackhope! He called to let us know that he figured out what happened--he accidentally called us instead of whoever he was really trying to call (my guess would be "Alicia"). And I felt a little bad for not recognizing his voice. He was busy (looking for Kevin, I guess) and didn't have time to talk, but he promised to call back later, and he did. And we talked about Final Fantasy and stuff and it was really nice to get in touch again. (He has an LJ, but he's been away from the internet for a looooooooooooong long time.) And it was all very random and amusing.

In other news, Steve and Scott came over to deliver the shelves we got for Christmas, because they were finally put together. Now we just have to figure out how we want to do things--like if we want to completely rearrange our office or what. I thought I had more to say about that, but now that I'm typing, I don't think I do.

Today I'm thankful for having more shelves, Bartz's another form (even if it looks kind of like Kefka designed it...), Butterfinger ice cream, hairbrushes, and having more shelves.
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