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Today has been a day of inner conflict! Or something. Not really. Just a little distress over the economy and things. Of course it all happened after we spent some money last night on some DVDs that we really don't need but certainly want.

See, it all has to do with how Terrence became Bishounen Fairy. The whole Tinker Bell movie with the different fairies and their talents and everything was reminding me of the anime "Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy." And so with thoughts of that going through my mind, I remembered Turmeric, and how he's basically the bishounen fairy, and I thought, "I hope there's a bishounen fairy in this movie!" Terrence had actually already shown up by then, but only for a very very short time--not enough to know he would be a significant character, or even enough to really remember he was there at all. But anyway, he showed up again, and since he was talking a lot, we figured he was our guy. Tadah!

Anyway, all the talk about Tinker Bell yesterday had me wanting to someday see the rest of the Sugar anime, when what should appear but a newsletter from Right Stuff telling us that the box set of that very series was on sale. Not only that, but it's one of Geneon's less recent titles, which means no more production, and very little chance of FUNimation coming along and reviving it. So we decided that that was our chance! and ordered it! Bam! And we figured we might as well preorder Gakuen Alice while we were at it.

But then this morning there was an article at Anime News Network with a link to a list of things publishers canceled with Diamond Publishing. We don't know all the details, but from what we do know, it looks like another of our ongoing titles is in danger of no longer being ongoing Stateside. Normally that wouldn't bother us so much, but since we've just gone a whole month with a very light work schedule, it sent us into a miniature panic. The panic didn't have time to last long, because we had to work on Negima, and then when we were done, we did a little investigating and realized that it probably isn't as much as a setback as it seemed at first. But we're still like, "Why can't the economy be fixed yet!?"

Our tax situation might be a little tricky, too, so we're kind of concerned about our finances. But on the other hand, we want to buy things and single-handedly save the economy! ...or something. And we've got a couple of extra (meaning non-AX) conventions we want to go to. I guess in the meantime (meantime of what has yet to be determined), we'll just be careful with expenditures.

Today I'm thankful for "Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy" being on sale, new (to us) flavors of ice cream to try, pleasant walks to the 7-11, vitamin D, and Turmeric.
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