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Man, that Negima stuff is pretty hard work. After one CD's worth of work, we were convinced that we would never have any free time ever again--an idea which is entirely untrue, as we actually still have a fairly light schedule. But anyway, we got to use our shiny new magnifying glass, which was awesome. When you haven't been working on something in a while, you forget how many little things there are that could be seen better through a magnifying glass. So I wasn't sure we'd need it at all, but on practically the first page, we found a use for it. And then, since Athena's the keeper of it, she had fun looking at the manga with the magnifying glass. Negima has a lot of detail, too, so it's pretty awesome.

We rented the Tinker Bell movie from Netflix. It's going to be the featured title at the Disney Movie Club soon, and we figured we may as well see it, because hey, it might actually be something we want to buy. After Return to Neverland, I trust it even less than I did before, but since Tinker Bell is the only non-original character in it (as far as we know), we can always say it's Tinker Bell playing the role of another pixie named Tinker Bell in a movie called Tinker Bell. And then we won't be quite as upset if the character portrayal doesn't match our own idea of what she should be like. We meant to watch it last night, but our home teacher ended up staying and talking for two hours, which was really fun (talking about Disneyland is always fun), but then we didn't have any time.

But we did watch ABC News's What Would You Do? TV show thing. We saw a commercial for it the night before and were intrigued (and that's why we didn't have time for Tinker Bell). I'm sure there was a Nickelodeon show of the same title, but I can't remember anything about it except for part of the theme song that gets stuck in my head whenever I think about it. Anyway, this What Would You Do? is a show that creates scenarios to see how passersby will act and stuff. Like there was one where they had a blind woman buying a cake, and the cashier gave her back six ones when he was supposed to give her $34, and they wanted to know how many people would stand up and help her out. Someone helped her in every situation, and then they had the same scenario only with a blind man instead of a woman, and he only got help half the time. It was pretty interesting. I like to think I would help, of course, but it's hard to say without actually being in the situation.

The last one they did was hire some actors to crash a wedding and see how the guests acted (they got permission from the bride and groom, of course). It was really interesting, because the girls who figured out that the guys were crashing didn't care and they liked the guys so they were all like, "Whatever," but when the men started catching on, there was like a posse of the groom's friends who nearly beat up one of them, and some of the bride's relatives almost had the other guy arrested. Maybe I'm just really weird, but I don't quite see what's wrong with having more guests at the party, as long as they're not causing trouble. And these guys seemed to be making it more fun, if anything. Also, on the audition, one of the wedding crasher guys started randomly singing the opening to The Circle of Life, which was just really really cool.

Today I'm thankful for our magnifying glass coming in handy, getting to talk about Disneyland last night, a protective pouch for our magnifying glass to keep it from getting all scratched up when we're not using it, having chocolate available (because today is a day for chocolate), and official four-frame Hachiyo comics.
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