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Back to work!

We finally have a work schedule! Yaaaaay!! And, not surprisingly, next up is Negima!. So now we finally have some official deadlines to put on our shiny new calendar. When we first started translating, we never had any deadlines, because it was just, "Turn it in as soon as you can. Yesterday would be good." And we're pretty fast workers, so it wasn't a problem, and I guess we were working at just the right pace that they never needed to set any deadlines or something. But then we started getting deadlines and schedules, and when we started working for more than one company, it really helped to have those, so we could prioritize and stuff. And then there came a time when we were told to slow down, because we were so far ahead of schedule that it didn't make sense to pay for a translation of something they weren't even going to look at for like a year.

Actually, that's not in the right chronological order. We got told to slow down when we were still only working for TokyoPop. But anyway, what with the economy being the way it is and all the restructure rumors and reports we keep hearing, we've been a little bit nervous about turning anything in without a deadline. So now that we have official deadlines, I feel like we have more structure and we can relax a little bit. Perhaps our lives have become just a little bit too routine.

Still, we have chosen not to do any work today, for two reasons. One, last night we decided we needed to try working time into our schedule to do things like practice the piano and write in private journals and stuff, and we wanted to start it off with a huge chunk of time, to give all the artistic(?) energy some outlet after it's been building up for so long, so that when we only have a little bit of time to spare, it won't be so much of an issue. And two, we got another Classic Composers CD (Gershwin! It reminds me of the Star Wars episode of the Muppet Show) today, which meant it was a perfect opportunity to read some manga! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for having a work schedule, getting to use our shiny new magnifying glass tomorrow (or at least break it out for use if necessary), Moogle trivia, having a nice big chunk of time for artistic(?) pursuits, and fruit flavored Skittles. We tried the chocolate Skittles last night (we got some in our stockings for Christmas, and have not been eating candy nearly as frequently as the amount of candy we've had demands), and confirmed our theory that chocolate flavoring belongs in chocolate. Not Skittles.
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