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Four-day weekend?

We had so little work to do on Friday, it's almost like we've had a four-day weekend! I'm actually not sure I like that so much, because we really like our job and it's kind of sad not to be doing it. But we also have lots of anime, manga, and video games to catch up on, so you know. It's cool.

We finally got our calendar all put together and up on the wall, so now I can look up and see what day of the month it is! This makes me very happy, as it's been so long since I've been able to do that. It's like we were in date limbo or something. Although I guess some people might think it's nice not to have to know what day of the month it is. But we also like to have pretty pictures there! Since each month is only on one page, we set it up so that we get to see two months at a time. But we didn't want it like we get January and February, then March and April, etc. Why do we need to look at January through all of February when January's already over, right? So we have a kind of complicated folding system, so that when January's over, we can look at February and March. But I think we might leave January up a little extra, because it took so long to get it up. It would be sad to only have Hatsuharu up for a week.

In other news, we've been very very slowly working through our pile of manga, so last night I finished volume 12 of Haruka, and it was the most adorable thing ever. We actually haven't heard a lot about Haruka (except from the people on our friends list who have been fans of it for a long time), and we think it's pretty darn good, so my first instinct is to blame the translation for its lack of apparent popularity, but it could just be that we don't talk to fans that much. It's most likely that.

Volume twelve is the volume where Yorihisa kisses Akane. It's all like, "Whoa, Yorihisa!" because he's such a good, upstanding knight who would never ever ever cross the boundaries of social status and do something as bold as kiss the person he's supposed to be serving. Of course he did it in his sleep, because he had to be unconscious, and that just makes it cuter, because he has no idea what happened. And Tenma knew something was up with Akane because of the Miko/Hachiyo bond thing and ran to the scene and asked Akane what happened, and she runs away right as Yorihisa wakes up, and he thinks that Tenma did something to her, and for some reason despite the fact that I usually hate this kind of misunderstanding thing, this one was done so adorably that it was just great.

So Tenma and Yorihisa arguing about the whole thing was very cute, and then Takamichi steps in and I'm like, "Nooooo! Takamichi!! We have to clear up the misunderstanding!!!" Incidentally, Tenma did try to clear it up, and I was like, "Yay for attempts at communication!" but then Akane refused to talk, and I was like, "Yup. Girls are crazy." And then!! then! Takamichi tricked Akane into telling him what happened!! And for some reason, despite wanting them to clear everything up and thinking it was so adorable that Takamichi was like, "I want to be that special person who supports you emotionally," I didn't want Akane to tell him. I don't know why. But then he was like, "" because she used the English word because she's from modern-day Japan, but he's from a place that's like Heian Japan, so he had no idea what that meant, and I think it's so great that they use that as a plot device. But we pity the translator who has to deal with that.

And then it's really funny when he's trying to reason it out, and I'm like, "Imagine if Tenma or Shimon heard this!" and then Yorihisa overheard it (he doesn't know what a "kiss" is either) and it ended on a cliffhanger. But a very very adorable one.

Now that whole thing brings up an interesting question. In order to squee about the adorableness of Haruka, I had to summarize bits of it, but we're kind of in the middle of a debate right now because one of our adapter friends is asking us to summarize something for them and we hate summarizing things. That's still not untrue--writing summaries is our least favorite part of our job. Actually, maybe second-least, thinking about lexicons. And looking up food (actually goes in the same category as lexicons). But anyway, it's the part we like the least that we have to do the most. Maybe we're just brats and don't like writing summaries when asked. I don't know. We always liked quoting movies that we like, so I think of this fangirl session as more like that, but whenever someone asks us what a movie is about, we're always like, "Duhhh..." Weird. Maybe we just need an attitude adjustment.

Today I'm thankful for being able to glance up and see our shiny new calendar, being able to tell what day of the month again (and no longer being confused about what day of the week it is by looking up at a calendar for December), clever use of gairaigo, the adorableness of Hachiyo, and Oreo sitting here being too cute.
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