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It's all about the characters

What with the Danny Phantom TV movie and watching Danny Phantom this morning, we've been in kind of Danny Phantom mode, obviously. Especially since the episode that was on today was the first one we ever saw. So I just wanted to talk about what we like so much about it...and that doesn't seem grammatically correct. Oh well.

The first time we saw Danny Phantom, our little sister Sarah was pretty much flipping channels, and seemed to settle on Nickelodeon, when Danny Phantom happened to be on. I don't know why we stayed in the living room, but we were trying not to pay too much attention to the TV, because we've kind of had a thing against NickToons since Rugrats became so popular.

But there was just something about Danny's hair. Especially because, since Kingdom Hearts and DN Angel, I've had a weakness for guys with silvery/silvery-blue hair. We also have a weakness for super-heroes. Realizing that it has the voices of Lor from The Weekenders, (looking it up later) Vince from Recess, and Dexter Douglas from Freakazoid! really helped. But that's just what got us to overlook our anti-NickToon prejudice.

We were actually kind of annoyed. We're like, "Sarah! You got us hooked on a NickToon, you punk!" And she's like, "Which one?" "Danny Phantom." "That one's not even very good." "Shut up."

Next time it was on and she was around, she watched it with us, and afterward we're like, "Now you can't tell us that's not a good show." And she's like, "Well, yeah, that was a good episode." I think part of the problem is that Danny Phantom is not as mad-capped in hilarity as Fairly OddParents, but a lot the FOP fans watch it for its zany humor and come to expect that from something by the same creator. And then, since DP has a different kind of humor, and is less zany, they don't like it as much, and think it's not as good.

Actually, since we got hooked on DP, we started watching FOP, and we like both of them a lot. I think one of the things we really appreciate about Butch Hartman's cartoons is that the characters actually learn lessons. This fact was emphasized when we saw the "Timmy/Jimmy Power Hour," and Jimmy Neutron was at least as much of a jerk as Timmy, but Timmy was the only one who apologized for being one. It made us sad, and we realized that we don't have to watch Jimmy Neutron.

I wonder if Jimmy gets away with not apologizing because he's so smart? It does seem like a lot of people think that smart people never have to apologize. I wonder if that's why so many people are so quiet until they have a bit of information that shows that they know stuff...

Anyway, Danny Phantom! Like I said in the subject line, it's really all about the characters. I mean, the voice actors, super powers, and good hair (we like it in both colors!) got us to start watching, but if the characters weren't fun, we wouldn't have kept it up. Our favorite episodes are almost all Plasmius episodes.

I was wondering why this is, because I like to analyze everything to death, and I realized it's because I like to see people caring about each other, whic is really cheesy, but that's us. You get that in just about every episode to some extent, but it's more pronounced in the Plasmius episodes, because that's when it focuses on his whole family.

It's good when it's family members, too, because then you know it's not hormones (which is especially good in the case of guys caring about other guys). For example, one of my favoritest story arcs in all of Saiyuki is the desert/scorpion arc, which is where you see all of Sanzo Ikkou caring about each other. It can also be called the gayest story arc, if looked at the wrong way. Alas.

I also like to see characters taking responsibility. That's why I really like the second episode with Walker. (I wish I could remember the title.) Because Danny's now surrounded by people who hate him, both ghosts and humans, but he's going to take care of the town anyway, because somebody's got to. And yeah, it might be a cliche super-hero type thing (you get it in Spider-Man 2, also!), but, like I said, I have a weakness for superheroes.

And now, based on all that, I can't for the life of me figure out why we like Gokudo so much...
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