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Calendars and not-so-deep thinking

Right! That's what I was going to talk about today! The calendar!

I forgot because we kind of have a lot on our minds right now. But yes. The calendar. We took it to church today for the simple reason that we discovered last night that we don't, in fact, have a hole punch, and how can you hang a calendar on the wall if it doesn't have holes in it? Athena just said, "I guess you could just... nail it to the wall." But our apartment doesn't like us to use nails if we can help it. We use plastic adhesive picture hangers, and it's harder to shove a plastic hook through paper than it is with a nail. So we took it to the church library, because we know from long experience that there are hole punches there. We were hoping someone would notice it and ask us about it, and then we'd get a chance to show it off because it's so pretty and we like it so much, but alas, our hopes were in vain.

And that's really all I have to say about the calendar, so I guess it wasn't much to talk about it, but I wanted to, so I did.

What did happen was an interesting exchange when a woman came in and said, "Hello, girls! Er, ladies. Women." And we were like, "Ah, whatever, we don't mind being called girls." Girls are cutest anyway. Except for tiny ladies, like six-year-old girls who are all ladylike. Those are adorable. Especially when they're wearing princess dresses.

But what happened after that was that she pulled out the thing she wanted copies of and the paper she wanted it copied on, and proceeded to walk straight to the copy machine and start to make the copies herself. I think I've mentioned a few times how annoyed we get when people don't let us do our job, but this was right after she made such a fuss about addressing us with the right term. So I sulked for a little bit about how I'm less offended to be called a girl than to be treated like an incompetent, and then I decided to be assertive and tell her that's how I felt, and she apologized and asked if I wanted to make the copies, and I said, "Yes, please," and she let me do it.

So it all worked out well in the end, but it did make me think. It actually made me think more, since this is the kind of thing I think about a lot. I think people are so worried about what's the most polite or politically correct that they don't focus on who they are or how they treat people. Like in this example, it seems like it's more important to use the proper form of "respectful" address than to actually respect the person you're talking to.

I keep thinking about the term "hypocrisy," and how these days, the common use for it is to refer to someone who says one thing but does another. But I think what it originally referred to, based on what I learned in seminary, was someone who's more about image than substance. I keep wanting to talk about that, but I have a really hard time organizing my thoughts about it. So I think for now I'll just leave it at that, even though I'm not sure I said anything meaningful.

Today I'm thankful for having holes punched in our shiny new calendar, the lady who came in to the library being nice in the end, having backup transportation to the un-engagement party in case our first plan falls through, hole punches, and tape.
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