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New calendar!

Today has been one of those days where we have so many things we want to do, that instead of deciding which one to do, we come up with a completely new idea and do that, thus getting nothing done that we had planned to do. Okay, so that's not entirely true--we did do some vacuuming. I think it might be part of may obligatory sewing procrastination. But what we did today was walk over to Office Depot to buy some color ink for our printer. Athena used one of our photo editing programs to design a calendar with covers of a bunch of manga that we translate. And February's only a week away, so if we didn't get ink to print the calendar with fast, we wouldn't get to use the January part of it. And that would be sad.

And we were feeling kind of rarful, and thought some exercise might help with that. So off to Office Depot we went! It's been kind of rainy, so we took the shiny umbrellas Clay bought for us in Akihabara, in hopes that we would get to use them again. Unfortunately, it didn't rain while we were walking, but we did see a couple of neat things on our trip. On the way there, we saw a tiny little nine of clubs on the ground. It was very cute, but it was also on the ground, which was wet and kind of dirty, so we chose not to pick it up (it was also by some trash cans, which means no one would have missed it, but also means it was by trash).

On the way back, we saw this kid (probably a teenager), wearing black jeans and a black sleeveless shirt, walk up to the lamp post, put on his sunglasses, and proceed to just lean. It reminded us of the Cool Kids in The Weekenders. They just lean on stuff. And we were highly amused.

We stopped by the 7-11 and got Slurpees before coming home, and now we're printing our shiny new calendar, which hopefully won't use up all our new color ink. We bought it in a combo pack with some more black ink (we're not really running low, but it never hurts to have extra), and it came with photo-sized photo paper, which we're kind of anxious to use. I never saw the calendar while Athena was designing it, so it's neat to see what comes out of the printer. For January, we have volume 8 of Fruits Basket, featuring Hatsuharu, because it's the year of the Ox. And for Valentine's Day, we have Kamichama Karin chu, with Karin as Aphrodite. It would have been cool to use Nabari no Ou 3 for March, because it has Kumohira on the cover, and he's half Irish, with his birthday on St. Patrick's Day, but she couldn't find a picture. So instead, we're using The Name of the Flower for the beginning of spring.

And since our birthday is right between April and May, we have Kingdom Hearts II in April, and I Hate You♥ in May (because both Maki and Kazuha's birthdays are in that month)! And June is about to come out and it's... Higurashi!! Yay!!! She couldn't resist, Athena tells me. Y'know, because it's all about the month of June, repeating over and over and over. She thought of using it for October ('cause of Halloween), but then she was like, "What am I thinking!?"

And maybe later I'll work on Atsumori's costume. We shall see.

Today I'm thankful for printer ink combo packs, being in the process of getting shiny new calendar, getting Slurpees, associating mangas with months, and having enough photo paper left to print the whole calendar.
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