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Aging backwards

The last twenty-four hours have been pretty exciting! First, I should probably mention that, thanks to Kinokuniya's shipping ninjas (I just really like the idea), this morning, we were presented a big box full of great shiny, including the three copies of I Hate You♥ that we bought for people. We e-mailed all of you, so if you didn't get a notice, check your Gmail!

It also had a lot of VB Rose, because we stopped at eight last time, mostly because that was just where we were when we stopped buying manga for a while. We would have been all caught up in our VB Rose ownership except that the LA store didn't have 13 yet. Sad.

But before all that happened, we finally opened up our new DS games last night. What DS games were they? When we were in elementary school, we had a teacher (incidentally, he looked exactly (I am not exaggerating) like Mr. Clean; he even got his ear pierced to complete the look) who liked to spend the last five minutes of the day asking trivia questions. He also collected baseball cards, and we guess he'd gather up all the doubles for this because there was never anything really valuable as far as we know, and whoever answered a question correctly would get five cards. Now, we're terrible, absolutely terrible, at adult trivia, but kids' trivia is something we excelled at. So Athena (who had him twice, because of team teaching) ended up with at least a thousand of baseball cards by the time she graduated.

We also still do pretty good at kids' Jeopardy!, which is why I think that, while most people forget a lot of what they learned in elementary school in order to fill their brains with the stuff they need for high school and college and their jobs, we retained most of our elementary school knowledge and that's why, by the time we got to college, Japanese was the one thing we really felt good at.

On a side note, we hear that teacher also tried out for Survivor one time.

Anyway, he got a great deal of those trivia questions from a bunch of trivia flashcard thingies called Brain Quest. "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" got us interested in elementary school trivia again, so we wanted to see if we could find those cards, and thus we went to Amazon. And when we typed in "Brain Quest," they directed us to the DS version of the series! And so we ordered them, and then took forever to get them because of post office ordeals. I guess that's what we get for going to Disneyland. But yesterday, we were finally able to try them out, and they're super super fun. And addictive! So far, we've only played with them at times when we knew we'd have to stop for something else later, but if we didn't have that time limit, man, we could be on those games for hours and hours.

And finally, today we got an unexpected e-mail out of the blue! It was a message from Facebook, from a distant cousin who found out that we translate Fruits Basket! She's (we assume she, anyway; her name is spelled the more feminine way) ten and a half and that alone makes the whole thing super super cute♥ It's like how anything little is adorable (Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book, circa 1002). And it's also a little like a kick in the pants. If this ten-and-a-half-year-old can send us a message, why can't we send fanletters to our favorite manga artists? I guess we'll get on that this weekend. ...scary.

Today I'm thankful for messages from long-lost distant cousins, Brain Quest for DS, getting a big box of shiny today, Moustache the Moogle letting us try again with his Final Fantasy quiz, and having a Freschetta pizza for dinner tonight.
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