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Fabric Quest

Today kind of snuck up on us. It's our own fault for sleeping late. So we were still getting ready for the day when our friend showed up to take us fabric shopping. She's a very patient person, though, so it was all good. Her patience also came in handy when she went fabric shopping with us, because, as anyone who's been fabric shopping with us can tell you, it is a long, arduous, and not always very fruitful process.

We decided to go to Jo-Ann's, because we're under the illusion that they have a better selection of the types of things we want. We have yet to prove whether or not this theory is in fact true, but it does tend to be the case that when we get stuck on someone's costume after doing all our shopping at Hancock's, we usually find something at Jo-Ann's. So I guess they just balance each other out or something.

We spent about an hour and a half in the store, and we're actually surprised we didn't take longer. Much of this time was spent agonizing over which black would be the best for Lizvan of Haruka 3. And after all that time agonizing... we decided to check out Hancock's and see if they had something. It's just black for crying out loud, but I want the perfect texture and drapiness (from the adjective "drapy," which of course comes from the verb "to drape"). We also realized that we hadn't done enough scrutinizing of his cape, so we didn't buy any fabric for that either, but we did buy a pattern, which the cats found immediately after we got home and decided might be something good to eat? Maybe they have a problem with capes, I don't know.

As it turned out, the only things we got fabric-wise were some dark red for Lizvan's masky thing, and some orange for Atsumori's... whatever that layer is called. We found it and decided it was perfect! Or is it too shiny? In my head I always pictured buying something shiny, so there must be a reason for that, but looking at this picture (we brought a Layers magazine for reference), I don't know where I got that idea! Oh no! It's the wrong fabric! But it's the perfect color! And I think it is supposed to be shiny, so it should be perfect, right? Right? RIGHT!? I don't know!!!!

And that has been an insight into the kind of thought processes we have when shopping for fabric. You can probably see why we don't like doing it so much. But we do like having costumes, so it's a necessary evil. And we really did both imagine getting a kind of shiny fabric for Atsumori, and the lady who cut it suggested using the wrong side if we decide we don't want shiny after all.

We also got some muslin to experiment with making boot covers, since we have yet to get that one right. But now we have a Cosmode magazine with instructions. And a magnifying glass! ...which we don't really need for costume-making but will be very useful in translation Negima. We also found some fabric that would be absolutely perfect for an Ayla (Chrono Trigger) costume, but since we don't know who's going to be Ayla or if we'll even be making that costume, we decided to pass on it for now. But I did find some dark red velveteen in the remnants section, and I felt like I needed it for something (or maybe it's just that I like velveteen), so we got that.

After Jo-Ann's, we headed to Best Buy, because Host Club got brought up, and our friend wanted to see if they finally had the second half of it yet. We decided not to get a copy of part two for ourselves, because we have yet to share our part one with anyone, and we had just spent ninety bucks on fabric, patterns, and other things to experiment with (after saving thirty!). But we did get volumes one and two of Night Head Genesis, because they were only fifteen dollars each, and we like it, even if it is kinda... I think the word is "campy," but I've never really used that word, so I don't know if I'm using it properly.

We went to MacDonald's for a late lunch, and because we wanted to save room for hot fudge sundaes, we decided that Happy Meals would be the perfect portions. As it turned out, they have some pretty cute toys this month, based on the movie Hotel for Dogs, so even better! I got the toy of Romeo and Athena got Juliet, so it was even more perfect! We were pretty excited.

And then we went to our friend's house, where we played Pacman games on Wii, and then tried Rock Band, at which time we confirmed our suspicions that we would do a terrible job for lack of rock knowledge. We would so rather play Wii Music, but she didn't have that. Maybe someday we'll have a Wii of our own. And in the meantime, we have about a million other games to keep us occupied, so it's really not an issue.

Today I'm thankful for our friend being very kind and patient to accompany us on a long and arduous fabric shopping excursion, Happy Meal toys, getting to play Wii with friends, having a cape pattern, and having instructions for that top layer of Atsumori's.
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