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Man, doing research has a habit of making me forget about everything else. That's probably a big part of why I tend to avoid doing it.

Anyway. Today we finally took the plunge and *gasp!* e-mailed people about work. We had to clear some stuff up about Nabari anyway, and while we were at it, we figured we might as well see what was up at TokyoPop, because we haven't gotten a contract for the Shiny New Title so I was getting a little nervous. And then we figured we might as well e-mail our boss at Del Rey, since our lack of deadlines for them is almost entirely our own fault. We didn't e-mail our boss at CMX, though, because last night we happened to check their site for something unrelated (I don't even remember what it was, and I'd rather type this sentence than stop and try to figure it out), and found out that the release date for I Hate You♥ 7 has been pushed back to April, and thought, "Oh. So that's why they haven't asked us for any more." (We already translated volume eight, and it's looking like nine's not going to be coming out until October at the soonest, so they probably won't need it for a while.)

And thus, by being proactive, we learned what all's going on and that we don't need to panic, and so the rest of the day has been pretty cheerful. Actually it kind of feels like spring here, probably because it's unseasonably warm. And spring is our favorite season, so there you go! (But since it also makes us a little concerned about how hot that will make our summers, we would be happy to share the extra warmth with all our friends in frozen areas if we could!)

We were also reminded that we'll probably be working on Negima again sometime soon, so it was decided that we will definitely be taking tomorrow off to get in some last-minute leisure time. We're hoping there's not too much lexicon stuff in volume 24.

In the meantime, tonight will be our first Jamba Juice night with the Little Sisters (I figure if we insist on a capital T in the Twins, I should probably be fair and give the Little Sisters capital letters, too)! This is pretty exciting, because it's socializing and obtaining of healthy smashed up fruit! Though to be honest, we're kind of hoping to sneak a trip to Office Depot and PetSmart (since they're right there by Jamba Juice), but we didn't have any of that in mind when we came up with the idea. Plus, we hope this will become a regular thing, and I don't think we'll need color ink for our printer in two weeks. At least, I hope we don't. Unless we don't make it to Office Depot tonight (but even so, it would be nice if we don't need color ink by then).

Today I'm thankful for work updates, learning (once again) that sometimes you just have to take the first step, getting to show off my piano playing to my visiting teacher last night, getting to go to Jamba Juice tonight, and capital letters.
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