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It's been an exciting day translating Nabari no Ou today. It included such exchanges as, "Does it really need to make sense?" "...Yeah. I think it does." "Darn it!"

There were a lot of reeeeeeeally hard pages, but inbetween all of them was the scene we had been waiting the entire series to see, so we were very happy fangirls. We always knew there was something about Aizawa, so for practically the whole series, we've been waiting for him to reveal that he's been evil all along. The fact that Shijima made it onto a cover before he did only made us believe even more that he's like the main villain or something. So we figured volume seven would be where he revealed his true colors, and we were right! Yay! Only I think we were wrong about the evil part, but of course I wouldn't say that definitively. Anyway, there was the part where he died, and we're like, "Pff, he's not really dead," so it was kind of fun after that when they're like, "All we can do is wait for help," and we're like, "Well Aizawa's on his way!" And then Tasuku is all being evil and stuff and suddenly someone shows up and who is it!? ...seemed to be what we were supposed to think, but we knew all along (for like, a page) it was Aizawa! Oooh, and he was all creepy and zombified, only more like birdified, which is way cooler than zombified anyway. And then Sirius said something about "her" and we were like, "Oh, he and Shijima are related!!" so every time he and Shijima made eye contact after that, we were like, "My sister! ...lover! wife! ...daughter?" It's fun. And then we learned that Shiratama is a girl, so we're really hoping we didn't ever refer to her as "he," but then again, we know a bunch of people who refer to all animals as either "he" or "she" regardless of their actual gender, so we think it's probably okay.

PS: We haven't seen the anime, so we don't know anything past volume seven of the manga. Please spoil nothing.

Okay, what else did I have to talk about? We've also been getting back into Haruka mode, because we've been reading the manga again. It's a good thing we're going fabric shopping on Saturday, because it's almost impossible to separate Haruka from cosplay, and it could drive us crazy. We discovered yesterday that the soundtrack to the second stage show went on sale like two weeks ago and we didn't have it yet and how the heck did that happen? So we went straight to CD Japan and ordered it and we think we got the fourth to last first pressing, so it was actually a good thing no one had updated LJ, because the reason we went to the stage show site to begin with was to kill the boredom of not having anything new to read. Then again, we still haven't heard from any of the companies we work for, so I'm beginning to be a little concerned about spending money. I think we'll start e-mailing people for sure (as opposed to, "Hey, do you think we should e-mail them?" "Well, we could, I guess, but ") tomorrow, or maybe Friday, since by then we'll definitely be done with this volume of Nabari.

And today we have Newsies from Netflix, which we may or may not watch tonight. It randomly got brought up at Disneyland (Gaston started talking about how it's the most underrated movie of all time, but I don't know what brought the comment about), and we still haven't seen it, and they're like, "What!? You have to see it!" (because it's the most underrated movie of all time). But it was already on our Netflix queue because of the Alan Menken obsession we went through coupled with The Dark Knight coming out and making us realize, "Alan Menken and Christian Bale! Why haven't we seen this movie!?" And then it just happened to be at the top after we sent in Blood+ (finally). We actually tend to forget what's on our queue and what order, because we think it's more fun to be surprised. I think our Netflix queue is one of actually not many things that succeeds in surprising us these days.

Today I'm thankful for awesome Kouichi-ness in Nabari (I alternate between calling him Aizawa and Kouichi; you can blame Kumohira and Raimei), managing to get a first pressing (we think) of the Oborosoushi soundtrack, visiting teacher coming tonight, not often having to translate made-up words, and having Newsies from Netflix (I think I've already been thankful for alliteration...).
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